Changes for Roos


Hepp got crunched a few times, looked a bit saw. Every chance for a rest.


Yeah, probably. I didn't really think about that.


North will be up for this. Whenever they play us its like they're r GF. We need to bring that same intensity from friday night for the game this week.

If we come out flat we will get rolled.

Its been way too long since we have beaten these tin rattling flogs


They beat us by 14 points last year, surely we'll be able to flog them this weekend.

Our previous games indicate this will be a danger game (Brisbane!!). But given this is the race for finals, surely we'll be switched on! Surely....please be switched on.


We will not be flat this week. no chance.





No changes.
If Green is injured then like for like. Is the Fridge a Ranga?


Jobe for Bird

BBB for Colyer (with one of Tipp Raz pushing up)


It's their biggest occassion as it stems from the perceived 'rivalry' they have with us, even though we see them as about our 6-7th biggest rival; it's lol-worthy.

Have won 3 out of the last 10 against them. Enough is enough, time to commence a decade of owning these farks


What the fark does "shinboner spirit" even mean, anyway? Makes me think of small dogs humping legs and I'd rather not.


In: first 3 game win of the season.
Out: Essington.


Honestly if you were Craig Bird and you got dropped you would be absolutely fkn ropeable and with good reason too


Why, because the resting player you were filling in for had finished his rest? If you're filling in for a resting player, it's obviously great if you perform well, but you also shouldn't expect this would mean the player you're filling in for wont come straight back in. Only way you should expect to stay in, is if filling in again for someone else having a rest, or someone who played did not play well and you replace them.


Lavender and Watson in. Stewart and Green out.


I guess if thats the attitude of the club, he should've half arsed it.


Stewart out? Surely you jest?


If that's his attitude, the club shouldn't have been arsed to let him have a run. And it certainly wouldn't have helped his case to fill in for someone else resting, injured, or out of form.

If the club's attitude is to not put a resting player straight back in once refreshed, because their replacement played a decent game, then they're not really resting, they're dropping that player.


Hey craig, we only got you to make sure we got pick 5 for carlol.

oh and you're only in because our returning players are cooked, but you'll only get 1 week.

love how players have to be zealous frothing loyal lunatics but clubs can just throw them aside when they're not wanted.


ok so how’s this scenario:

RAZ has a rest, BBB comes in and gets 12 touches and a goal or two. Next week, RAZ is ready to go. Who comes out?