Changes for Roos


Francis was great today. Begley serviceable. Both are ready to play and are far from nowhere near it. In saying that no one deserves to come out for either. We have some good depth in the VFL.

Forced changes only for mine. If Hepp needs a rest soon might be a good week to do it. He certainly didn't play a bad game but just looks a little flat,


He has. I think Scorps was just hypothesising re the Begley Lav crowd.


Fappers & young'ns ... there's a way to go yet for the fridge.

Having said that,.. with Nth now tanking for the draft, and talk of resting returners, next week would be a fairly perfect opportunity to give him a "suck it & see" taste.

Would depend who they think needs a spell.


How was Francis great? And how does someone who played a 'serviceable' game against not great opposition deserve a senior call up?


In Watson Laverde
Out Bird Green (hamstring)


Francis had over 20, took plenty of intercept marks. Played a good game for mine. Begley has been good and deserves his chance from previous performances. You said both look way off it, I am just saying I disagree. Woosha himself has stated that Begley is ready.

But with the side playing well and still gelling I wouldnt be making changes unless they are forced, or players need a freshen up


He also played the easiest position on the ground, loose man back. I liked his aggression but while we are trying to win, he doesn't get a game ..


I think Heppell needs a spell. Keep Bird and bring in Watson. If Green is injured then Lav should get a run after today's game.


You could be right on previous performances, but not on today's.


Bring in Dyl Clarke.. just to show we got the better Clarke brother


Was a pretty good game but we also had a huge amount of inside 50's. He got his hands to a lot more ball, but dropped a few he will take after a bit more footy. Would like to see him for one more week yet.


Honestly if Woosha wants Jobe for Bird I would say no. Bird's performance was better than the average/expected return from Jobe this year. Flame away.


I agree. I'm just making the point that you try to bring in like for like, that if you insist on bringing in people that others have to go out, and that just because players aren't amassing great numbers doesn't mean to say they aren't doing a good job.
I wouldn't touch the side except for Jobe and any forced replacements. I certainly wouldn't touch the forward line. It the first time we have had a properly functioning forward line since Lloyd and Lucas. Can't see any reason to change it.


Was not his best game of that I certainly agree. Here is the best players for the VFL website.
J. Laverde, K. Langford, A. Francis, J. Long, B. Stanton, M. Leuenberger


Hmmmm. I must have been watching a different game.


B: Baguley - Hartley - Gleeson
HB: McGrath - Hurley - McKenna
C: Colyer - Heppell - Zaharakis
HF: Fantasia - Hooker - Laverde
F: Stewart - Daniher - Tipungwuti
FOL: Bellchambers - Myers - Merrett
I/C: Bird - Kelly - Langford - Parish

Out: Goddard (rested) Green (omitted)


Stanton 38 touches and 2 goals and can't make the bests lol. Who is the joker picking these best players?


Lol, .. did they just magically change?? I was thinking, .. Hmm, no Jerret, .. came back in, .. and suddenly there he was!!


sorry buggered that up
J. Laverde, K. Langford, A. Francis, J. Long, B. Stanton, M. Leuenberger


Myers is bigger than Bird, I reckon.