Changes for Roos


I wouldn't rest anyone against Adelaide. We can beat them


This is the week we play our best possible side.

This will be North's Grand Final. It always is. Especially after a heavy loss yesterday.

They've beaten some quality teams this year & fallen just short in quite a few others.

Even the slightest sign of complacency will mean we lose. I will only be convinced we've learnt our lesson with mental fragility once we start winning these 'type' of games on a regular basis.


We had our best 22 (supposedly) out there for the brissy game.

It's not about having your best 22 out there, just for the sake of it. you have to have 22 playres who are the fittest they can be, doing all the hard yards, putting on pressure etc etc.
Last week surely proved this.

By peoples reaction, altho jobe obviously needed a rest, you all would have wanted to play him cos "oh you don't need a rest".
Yet they did rest him, against a perceivably harder opponent.

Mindset doesn't require your best 22 to be out there.
it requires the 22 that are picked to play, turn up to play.


Will resting hepp vs north mean he plays substantially better in subsequent weeks? yes, I think so. He made uncharacteristic mistakes for most of the game.He looked gassed. Theres nothing wrong with having a rest when you need one if your struggling through fatigue is going to potentially cost the team something.

So bird stays in, jobe comes in, hepp has a rest.

begley/merrett/lav for green (if injured).


Also despite suffering from a premiership hangover (i'm pretty sure we'd all love to have one of them, after our recent history) I still believe you have to take what the dogs did last year, and trust that on any given day, no matter who is picked for whatever reason, as long as they go out there with the right mindset, anything is possible.

Hepp may need a rest, he may just be struggling for form, who knows. but if he needed a rest, ditto anyone else then the coaches should trust that they can pick player whoever and they can step in, do a job and the ship keeps sailing on course.

So many seem to think that resting one player a week is going to sink the ship.
If they can't win without hepp for one week, as an example, they prolly weren't going to win with him in the side anyway.

Again we lost with supposedly our best 22 to brissy, and we just pantsed the saints without our best 22.

There is no one magic rule that covers all scenerios.


I'd bring in Jobe for either BJ or Hepps, and bring in Lav/BBB for Green.

Would rest either Goddard or Hepps - hould be done at some stage and now is a good time as any).

Don't know what was Colyer's prob at the game but if he's sore - may need a rest too. if he needs a break then BBB's chances improve.

Love the selection pressure - best it's been for a loooong time.


I'm on board with resting both Kelly and Goddard sometime over the next few weeks. Goddard needs to realise he is older and his kicking the last few weeks appears to have been uncharacteristic, he might need a freshen up.


I have the feeling we will rest one of our older or returning players, and depending on who it is depends on who comes in.

If everyone is fit no change other then Watson for Bird. Which is very tough for on Bird.

However, Green ■■■■■■ me off at times as he is often selfish and doesn't do the team thing. But he is just to important to our structure to drop.


Except they play totally different roles, LaVerde would be competing with Stewart.
If Green's hammy is suss then yeah put him in and try a different structure but otherwise theres that old saying
If it aint broke, don't fix it
The forwardline is operating brilliantly, its not just his own personal improvement that has seen JD have his best ever season, the cuttent structure and dynamic is allowing him to flourish


If the fitness staff deem that he is ready for Afl then he should be straight in, from the outside he looks the goods.


So what happened when Jerrett kicked 5?


eh i dunno. green is a goalsneak, who applies forward pressure.

2 or 3 of lavs goals were sneaky crumbs and applies just as much pressure as green does.

dont think green's role is so nice to him as a player that it cant be fulfilled by someone with a broader skillset than he


The whole if it ain't broke don't fix it thing is ludicrous. Was Hawthorn's team that won 2013 the same as 2015? Are we sitting undefeated on top of the ladder?
The reality is that you need to keep finding ways to adapt and improve even if you are at the top of the tree. And we are not there by any means.


Brisbane are more ■■■■■■ and look what happened there.


Thats all well and good. But we are a team still learning to play together in unique circumstances. So keeping the same structure is paramount atm.


I think after 16 rounds that's been overstated. Changing 1 or 2 players to improve the team is not changing the structure in any case. If we have players in the VFL that are playing better than the ones playing in the AFL, I think we're pretty foolish not to make changes and it's a path to mediocrity if we don't do so.
Do we wait until next year when we have finished 9th this year?


If or when we are out of finials contention, then we can take risks. The three talls and three smalls is causing headachs and working, we have urgualby the best fwd line in the comp who are still improving and learning to play with each other. I don't think we should be messing with it atm. No, No fffing way.


green looks lost when he tries to play up the ground. i dont think Lav would have that problem


In fairness, IIRC a few of those were cheapies, Jackson is 2 years older, has had a lot more opportunity, and LAV clearly looks a class above and has been consistently picked when fit.

That said I would love Jackson to get another crack in the last month of the season since it seems like he's taken a step forward despite being several steps beyond "at crossroads"


Not sure you would.make any changes after thumping a top 8 side out.

Maybe Jobe straight back in for Bird.