Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad



But anyway

IN: Clarke, Ridley, Hartley
OUT: Myers, Hurley, Parish

Reward good VFL form at the expense of poor AFL form. But I know Mutch is going to be dropped probably instead of Myers.


I agree, I still love watching Crameri’s play, he was my favorite player and is my favorite opposition player.


Horrible, horrible time. Leave at 3-3.30 to get to the game, get back at 7-7.30. Cuts into both your afternoon, and night. Stupid timing.


Crameri and Ryder should only be in the same breath if you are saying one is a dog and the other is not. FK Ryder will get boos for life.


Mc Kenna Hooker Ambrose
Saad Hartley Ridley
Zaka, Parish Guelfi
Tippa Stewart Smith
Fantasia McKernan Stringer
Bellchambers Clarke Z.Merrett
Heppell, McNeice Long,langford

in. Ridley Clarke Langford Guelfi Long Hartley
out: Hurley (inj) Goddard(rest) mutch,baguley,myers,laverde


Why are people bringing Hartley in for Hurley? Hurley hasn’t been playing as a key defender.

Surely Ridley is coming in to fill Hurley’s spot


Just happy Clarke and Ridley in.

If Guelfi or Langford, or Long are Ins as well, will be very Happy.


Yep. Hooker, Ambrose & Ridley enough down back without bringing in Hartley.


It just depends if hooker goes forward.


I don’t know how many times this has to be said. The money wasn’t the issue. That wasn’t why he left and those who say it was, do not know what they are talking about.


Crameri is very different to Ryder - might have left for more money but he was out of contract whereas Ryder broke a lucrative, long term contract for even more.

I have no issue at all in how Crameri, Carlisle, Melksham Hibberd left - all were out of contract.

Ryder wasn’t, and used the saga as an emotional lever through the media to break his contract after finally giving us one good consistent year of quality AFL football after about 8 highly inconsistent ones where the selectors looked after him through his sometimes very average form.


Anyone else get this text?


Okay. So going to be in Melbourne this weekend and if possible want to go to both games. Have an interstate membership that allows me 3 games? in Melbourne. Question 1, is this a home game and if so, do I just go up to the gate at the G and swipe my membership card for general access?

Question 2, is it going to be possible to go watch the VFL first and still catch all the AFL game?


Selection will be fascinating this week, great they are bringing in two debutants but the interesting part will be who is omitted. This is the time to make a statement, let’s be honest, Clarke and Ridley aren’t being gifted games. They have well and truly earned it based on their VFL performances and some of our senior players have well and truly earned to be dropped. Bringing in two kids wont appease the masses, we need 4/5 changes and some statement omissions. Looking at Parish, Tippa, Stringer, Myers, Baguley. If Baguley is still in this team come 6:25pm tonight I will be absolutely filthy.


Home game.
Just turn up and swipe. I am pretty sure you will get in, but might have to go a few rows back in the stand.Cheer squad will be at the Richmond end.

Go out to Windy Hill and watch the 2s. Just show your membership, its probably free entry anyway.

Yes hop on the train at the end of the game at Essendon or Glenbervie and you will have plenty of time to get to the G, but just watch out for which way the train goes. It might go clockwise around the loop in which case change in the loop to a train that goes though Richmond. Flinders st to the G is 2x Richmond to the G. .


GEELONG has ruled out injured trio Scott Selwood, Brandan Parfitt and Daniel Menzel from a return against Essendon on Saturday.



Zach Merrett will be happy with the news Selwood isnt playing


I am still waiting to see who is selected as Worsfolds’ game day “right hand man”. This is a very important selection, maybe the most important made this year

Last year it was Neeld. No doubt. Neeld was the guy who had the phone and relayed all messages to the bench for most of the year. This year Woosha appears to be using the telephone himself, like most coaches do.

Even so, every coach has a right hand man in the box. They don’t make all the decisions without some other form of input and we know for a fact that Worsfold uses a single advisor in the coaches box, to filter the input from others.

To me there are 2 alternatives: Rob Harding, Opposition Analyst, or Harves.


i have a feeling Harvs will be Woosha’s right hand man.


I think that is the right decision, but if its someone else, it’s an indication about who Worsfold thinks he can work with as his 2IC and would be an indication of the way the land lies wrt assistant coaches going forward.

Harvey gets a lot of criticism on this platform and we know no one is perfect, but its a matter of who is going to help us win games and get the best out of our playing list.