Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


Brilliant changes. I honestly don’t care if we lose (likely with whatever team we put out there, let’s be honest) , we are playing youth and rewarding form.

Excited to watch on Saturday now!


In that video of the kids debuting, woosha did say we have two forced changes. Hurley/Myers


Same here. Just when i think I’m out they reel me right back in.


Once the team is announced why can’t we delete this thread and start a thread with the actual team instead of having to search for it.


He is warming us up for everyone’s favourite change next week:

In: Myers
Out: Langford


For those wondering, Myers and Langford have played 1 game together, a 112 point loss. Langford was subbed off. Also playing in that game: Pears, Steinberg, Edwards, and Giles.


V glad the Geufli is back in.


Woosha - “yeah Myers being carried on the shoulders of others has led to a sore hip. Common injury for a leader and with the boney shoulders of smith has accentuated the problem. Injury should settle down once Langford has a low possession game.”


Good changes, wish Mutch kept his place. Was solid.



yep feel the same, coming to terms with the year being shot so the goalposts have shifted. just want to see some fresh blood and a bit of passion and camaraderie from the boys. I wouldn’t put the house on us winning but I felt more certain of us losing last week than I do this week for no other reason than I’ve witnessed Essendon games the last 15 years .


And Mutch is not.


Better goal awareness and forward craft than Baguley surely? I have seen him kick quite a few nice goals in the VFL.


longy emergency.

get him in before dreamtime.



Long is not good enough


Woosha : David Im getting some pressure i think its time you had a spell in the VFL

David: but Woosha i have photos of you!!

Woosha: injuried it is


Who is going to be traded


They are the best changes we’ve had this season. They actually got it right


But what am I supposed to get angry at now? :worried: