Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


Danger should be able to break Mitchell’s possession record this week.


If this week’s changes don’t include Myers out for Langford or Clarke, burn down Tulla.


Geelong will flog us but speed and up the guts wii give then nightmares.


You wouldn’t also say “on btw, please try your best today guys”?


You can’t tell me Laverde is for real?

Surely he is a practical joke.

It’s like watching a glacier when he tries to run. And every time he gets near it i panic in case he actually manages to get the ball. Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often.


If in the process someone like Clarke was running with him all day, I’d be ok with that.


Langford for Myers
Clarke for Parish
Guelfi for McNiece
Long for Tippa
If Redman was fit I’d be looking to bring him in for Baguley

Ridley and Franga will get their chance after the bye.
I’d consider resting Goddard - he’s mentally shot right now, but otherwise would shift him to a HFF


ill be back when the team has as much heart as i do


I would like to see a small fwd line trialled too


The question is do you blood young kids into a bloodbath?

Prepare for qtr 3 capitulation by 15 minutes into the 1st


Why do we bother with this thread. No changes


I know this maybe be a little left field but what about trying the idea of playing Paddy Ambrose in the centre? Big bodied and wins all the endurance racing pre season so has a tank. And is a good distributor of the ball and certainly won’t be pushed off it so easily. We couldn’t do any worse than at the moment and maybe bring either Ridley/ zerk in as the 3rd tall for the rest of the yr to develop. Or Hurley plays as 3rd tall with Hooker and Hartley?
On my thoughts I would go with this side this Saturday.
McKenna.Hooker. Hartley/zerk/ridley
Zaka,Ambrose, smith
Raz,stringer( start him not bench) smack
Bellcho Clarke Zach

In : langford, Guelfi,long, Clarke,1 of harts/zerk/ridley
Out. Parish ( love him but needs some confidence after being played out of position all yr) myers,baguley, mcneice,laverde


“That is an excellent question”


Amazing stuff. You should be coach. What a legend you are.


Redman Hartley Saad
McKenna Ambrose Heppell
Zaka Langford Smith
Zerrett Stewart Fantasia
Walla Hooker Green
TBC Myers Clarke
Guelfi Mutch McKernan McGrath


Mate we dont even have all our usual small forwards available! Let alone extra small forwards to bring in


Heppell - 1 tackle… 1 tackle as club captain playing full time mid? Fark off mate your taking the ■■■■

Zaharakis - dead set squib always has been, always will be. has only ever been willing to run one way and even then he picks and chooses

Baguley - cooked, lost too much pace and just looks frustrated being there

Goddard - 0 tackles? Are you farkin serious? Doesnt this bloke play in defence and mid?

Laverde - hasnt produced enough but I do think he has a future probably will flourish when he bails for another club

In: Clarke, Guelfi, Dea, Ridley


I think we just might see something special evolve if we hand the responsibility for the senior team over to the 3rd to 4th year players.


NO You dont


exactly so why would they drop him now?