Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


Out: bj Myers mcniece bags
In: Lang Clarke DEA guelfi

Saad ambrose Hurley
Conor hooker dea

Zaha Langford Mutch
Tbell Clarke Zerret

Guelfi stewart smith
Fanta string tippa

Hepp parish smack lav

Lav hepp hurls and tippa should consider themselves lucky though if any of then are carrying anything they should be left out


They might do their taxes while ■■■ ramming our midfield in front of a crowd of all Geelong supporters.


In: Clarke, Guelfi, Ridley, Langford
Out: Baguley, Tippa, Parish, Myers

B: Saad Hooker Ambrose
HB: Ridley Hurley McNeice
C: Zaharakis Clarke McKenna
HF: Smith Stewart Fantasia
F: Guelfi McKernan Laverde
R: Bellchambers, Heppell, Merrett
Int: Langford, Mutch, Goddard, Stringer
Emg: Zerk-Thatcher, Long, Myers, Parish


Nah, as past it as Myers is, he needs to be there - we’ve got f’all midfield muscle. BJ off bench and on the wing, changing on ball - p*ss off from the backline, he’s too slow. At least he’s got some time on the wing to pinpoint some kicks into f50. When he’s in the middle he needs to put his body on the line - he’s only got a dozen games left in his career and needs to be reminded of this.

Game time to Langford, Clarke, even Mutch, all in the middle. Stringer goes into the middle as much as he was going in the first few rounds - make the pr*ck run a little. So what if they get smacked against Danger, Selwood and co? They’re going to learn a lot about what it takes to play midfield in the AFL. All Smith, Zerret, Zaka etc. are going to learn is that they don’t have the bodies to go with the bigger mids inside - it’s going to be a bigger dent to their confidence than the younger guys.

Instructions to the team is run, hit, congest - Smack sits in the forward 50 - Stewart learns how to throw his weight around - he needs to clock up a PB on his GPS, up on the wing, back into the 50 - rinse, repeat… all game he is either taking the ball, or taking out packs of players. He needs to get physical.

This is their final - they can lose, but they need to take it up to Geelong physically, in each of the thirds on the ground - hard in defence, centre, f50. If they can do that, they might win back some supporters.


footy all about forward pressure - Stewart, Stringer, Mckernan and Langford, offers little forward pressure…
ok for langers to come in as a mid. or rest forward when stringers in the middle…
But for him to come in as a forward one of stewart, stinger or mckernan needs to be dropped.


yes he shows heart…but we have 2 all australian full backs/ centre half backs…
Hooker plays on Hawkins…please not Ambrose.
Francis offers more intercept marking than Ambrose does, and could handle Menzel.
Hurley plays on Esava or Crameri if he plays.


For what its worth up against Dangerwoodlett…

With JD out Stewart gets best defender. Fail.
Hooker has to go forward.
Francis in to cover Hooker move.
Ridley in for Goddard rested.
Lav starts back of square.

Hep, Myers, Langford, Clarke & Mcgrath
Parish, Zerrett & Smith rotate in out of fwd.
(We will prob have to kick over H Taylr)

Francis, Ridley, Langford, Clarke & McGrath.
Goddard, Mcniece, Much, Tippa & Stringa.


Little surprised on the calling of Goddard to be dropped. Last two weeks hasn’t played his best but overall still would be in top 5 on B & F so far. Not really flattening to our team I realise but Goddard may just need a change in role…but I would rather him on the ground. I would say McNiece, Myers, Baguley and Walla all need to find some form in the VFL. McGrath will be another week I hear. Parish is 50/50 on form to keep his spot. Francis simply not match fit enough and I don’t want him to do a hammy in a high pressure game. Keep developing his form and body for another 2-3 weeks.

In: Clarke, Langford, Ridley and Guelfi
Out: McNiece, Myers, Baguley and Walla


Agree on all the changes. If this club is fair dinkum which is blatantly clear that we aren’t, Baguley should not be playing for us ever again. He has been a great club servant over the years but he offers no value on field and is taking away a spot from someone younger to come in and develop.


If Goddards name was “Langford” and played the last 2 games as bad as goddard most would be calling for him to be dropped.

Goddard is playing worse than Jobe did last year. looks cooked.
Needs a week off. even just for his mental health, and would like to see team play without him, might be a better environment…
He should have been rested over the pies/Dees break, along with a few others!


Out: Parish (needs a spell to get confidence back), Myers (trash), Stringer (needs a rocket), McNeice (meh), Goddard ( zero pressure, can’t beat an opponent to save himself, absolute liability).
In: Clarke, Guelfi, Zerk-Thatcher, Redman, Ridley, (Try and possibly fit long in?)

Hooker to go forward, BEZERK to play in the backline, seasons done, play the kids, let them develop.


How easily people forget, it’s like they never existed.


BJ has not laid a single tackle in 2 weeks

How can someone who’s supposed to be all about standards, deliver that, and keep their spot?


How do we know he’s not injured? Essendon wouldn’t play players who are injured now would they? Never!!!

Goddard is not the worst by far and thank God we’ve got a few who actually give a damn. Not many seem to, seems like they are survival mode and then there are those who hardly a bad word is spoken about them regardless, of how they lead or play. Funny that. BJ got thumped and pummelled against Carlton I imagine he’d be very sore maybe he won’t play.


His loose sweeping role is the issue and it’s coach driven. Both teams have an extra man back but it works much worse for us for some reason. He got tagged out of the game in that role…like Merrett and we got out coached.


I would love to see BJ playing centre half forward. Give him the task of 2 goals/5 tackles. He should be able to do that.

Down on confidence and getting no support from his team mates. I feel for him.




Let’s see…

Patrick Dangerfield, Gary Ablett, Joel Selwood, Mitch Duncan, Sam Menegola + Tim Kelly
Zerrett (who can barely get a kick), Heppell (who can’t kick), Zaharakis (will get his quota of 30 useless possessions), Parish (good for 10 touches) and Smith. Oh and probably Myers.



85 of that was to the huddle and back at 1/4 time


What is the point of that? May as well try langford/ laverde in that role.