Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


you could say he got tagged out of the game…or you could say that Goddard got pushed around by a smaller opponent and outbodied and ultimately cost us goals, the same as last week due to his poor 1-1 defending, you could argue his role is not to defend though.


Yeh true but sadly when your the person hitting back aggressively in deep defence from a tag you often give away a goal with a free.


Goddards plight is repeated across the whole field. eg. Baguley being beaten up by 6 Carlton players and even the opposition coach abusing him. We now have the reputation that we are susceptible to being physically and verbally bullied and we will be copping that from most opponents until we start winning.

Winning footy games is about kicking greater score than your opponents, in the process, the opponents always kick some goals so don’t single out Goddard. Our forward line has been dysfunctional mainly due to lack of entries but players down there have AWOL and not locking it in. If our forward line was functioning well like last year, we would probably be 4 &4 if our midfield was better, we might have won more than 4. None of our losses have been blow outs. Its not like 2016, or even the way 2015 turned out.

There is hysteria amongst the fans because expectations were so high coming into 2018


woo hoo I’m first

Out Neeld
In: someone, anyone


We have been losing by a lesser margin each week…so we are improving. If the trend continues we should either draw or lose by a few points then we will beat GWS.

P.S. Wake me up when its all over


SEN saying Hurley is out with a hamstring.


There’s no reason we have to pick x3 talls each week in the fwd line.

And was surprised you didn’t mention Stringer in your last post.


I just want to see Guelfi and Clarke play


I have a feeling we may play really well in this game

I mean, we can’t get any lower than last week.
With neeld gone, i bet the players will probably play more naturally and instinctive. THis is the first game we are going into as complete underdogs this season.
I don’t think we will win but i think we will play a lot better.


ok. maybe not whilr Joey is out…but humour me.

Stringer to the backline.
Hooker forward along with Francis.

something about hurley,ambrose and stringer in the back line says stfu.




How funny would it be if it was:

IN: Jerrett, Hartley
OUT: Zerrett, Hurley






If Neeld was the ‘mastermind’ behind our game plan you would assume then with him gone so is our current game plan. Otherwise what was the point in him leaving - apart from allowing others to talk to Worsfold during the game?
So what do we now do in the space of four or five days. Do we go with three talks and three smalls on the forward line? Do we man up the opposition’s loose defender? Do we continue to handball off half back until we hit the wall of players the opposition have set up in waiting? Do our forwards play so high up the ground they lose all structure?
If changes are to be made we should start with one on one simple hard nosed footy. It will have to be kept simple given the short time frame for a change of style. No sweeper at the back - back ourselves to win the ball and move it by foot to the best option. Two tall forwards is enough - we should be starting the transition to a forward press game as most clubs are now doing.
Hooker to play on Hawkins. Goddard in the coaches box and told to only speak when spoken to. As many blitzers have pointed out it is not a big change to show some enthusiasm, fly the flag when needed and make sure their opponents have played a game of footy.
If we don’t see some (albeit small) changes in game style and some team oriented attitude then what was the point of getting rid of Neeld?


VFL stats for anyone that was curious.


fark me 38 disposals is huge


On stats alone Jerrett would be an ‘in’
Doubt it - but you can never be sure at the moment


Ridley, Mynott and Zerk-Thatcher 1 tackle between them. Put them into the cannon or whatever.


Disappointed with Clarke’s hitout stats, needs work