Climate Change in Australia (Part 2)

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If it helps, coming bills should come back down to something reasonable.

The Russian shenanigans in Ukraine drove a massive spike in global gas prices. That coincided with a failure of multiple coal power plants in NSW, which pushed electricity supply onto gas. Both those issues are past now and domestic prices returning to normal.

My personal view is that people should weigh up the cost of moving their heating away from gas, especially if they have solar.

So heating usually required when its dark or when tbe sun radiant heat is a lot lesser, (winter)isn’t that also the time when solar doesn’t work that well?

I found that interesting, as I know of no real history of Greenland. From what I can see in various sources, Greenland was settled around 1000AD and the colony collapsed around 1400AD. This was a very borderline place to build a colony and they quickly destroyed the local ecosystem. The collapse matches the start of the little ice age, which either killed off the population or forced them to migrate.

That terrain that was populated is now free of ice. There’s no area of Greenland that was fertile in 1000AD and not habitable today.

This is not the Australian way.

We can’t divert money from public resources to the public good when it should go to so many billionaires and multinational companies.

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And yet with all our modern farming techniques humans still haven’t returned.

Anyway, I’m just pointing out that I don’t think minor temperature variations have a major impact …. for over 1/2 of the European population to die out due to food shortages & disease, for a River to freeze solid … I reckon the variation is a bit more that .5 of a degree. Thats all I am saying.

This may well be the most accurate yet depressing post in Blitz history.


Is that the same “everyone” that thought it would end in 2012?


Oh, so the same people who thought the world would end with Y2K.

Don’t worry the CovIT vaccines will clean out plenty :wink:

Give it to Gina so she can tell us how lazy we all are. First for the guillotine that ■■■■.

It’s certainly a bold move to bring…that nonsense…into your point.

I mean, I hope it’s a joke.
But the fact is that COVID did Very, Very bad things to the unvaccinated.
And continues to.
Not being vaccinated is a major factor in people diagnosed with long covid, quite apart from the long-term damage it did to others in the first place.

So…I do hope you’re joking. In a very morbid way.
If you are, though, I’d prefer you to joke about ice walls.

Interestingly long covid might not actually exist as a thing, it’s basically just common post viral syndrome
Claims that long COVID doesn’t exist misrepresent study by Queensland Health researchers - Health Feedback

(Not trying to diminish the issues of those who claim to suffer from it)

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Not trying to be argumentative but seems like semantics?

I think he was making a joke about IT since previous posts were referring to Y2K and end of Unix-32. So changed Covid to CovIT.

Perhaps I’m being oversensitive, and I don’t want to derail further.
I just think the point is worth making.


Y2K is an interesting one. Lots of people seem to think it was some kind of hoax. There is an attitude that says if nothing went wrong then all that preemptive effort was unnecessary. Kinda frustrating.

Yes I know. It should be held up as an example of how a proper response based on science averted big problems.


Thanks for this. I did not know it was still posing as big a problem as this. It does not get any coverage in the media these days.

He’s posted about ‘Covit’ in the past.
It’s on purpose. He must have another YouTube / Google based theory about it.
He does it to get a rise out of people.
Same deal with his flash post about climate change then leave habits.

If it triggers you, just block him.
He’s not changing his habits.


I am not arguing with that, and historians and scientists have many theories on the cause of the plague.

My only point is that significant part of the graph is the last section where the upwards trend is most apparent and does not follow the previous many centuries. So obviously assuming it does depict the real data, there is a significant reason why for the change. Maybe the Industrial Revolution and increased use of fossil fuel or the Martians have landed.