Climate Change in Australia (Part 2)

Yes. It was at one point in the atmosphere. And then the CO2 was buried under kilometres of rock. Completely natural process for it to drill its way out of the ground.

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Imagine life if we hadn’t

and how do we know this?


Geologists ?

What do you think their position on the current state of warming would be?

Well they would agree the additional Co2 is causing slight warming. I agree with that also, I just don’t agree with the hysterical nonsense in the media & the UN in its push to impoverish the west

Rest easy, we won’t be impoverished any time soon. $10 trillion per year flows to the west from developing countries due to unequal exchange. Here’s a paper you can read

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How much flows to the “West” from our exploited country?

Australia is explicitly listed in the paper as a part of the west, and currently runs a trade surplus.

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3300 year old Bronze Age arrow melted out of Norwegian glacier.



I’ve just seen this on the guardian home page.

Last few months have been scary, it’s picking up pace, I wish I could ignore it or believe the world was cooling, I’d feel a lot better. Instead I’m anxious, thinking about starting a family and questioning what sort of world we are leaving.


Hysterical nonsense, ooooooor, awfully late murmurings about taking moderate actions that will barely impact the already evident collapses of systems that will, if you want to focus on $ which all denialists are actually most concerned with, cost trillions more than any fundamentally neccessary transitioning away from existing fuel sources.

Actions based on the near universal conclusions of scientists. Like the ones who you believe regarding C02 fluctuations.

But you’ve already let everyone know what level you’re at with your observations of recycling C02 by the planet. You’re a dumby.

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There it is … name calling again. Leftie’s can’t help it. One thing is for sure, given a free hand, the left will fark this country

So what, now you want all global trade to cease & the world to regress to the 1800s where the average life span was in the 50s. Would that make you happy, would this fix the over population thingy for you?

You’ve called me names.

Typical righties, snowflakes and can’t respond with anything resembling a cogent argument.

If I had to name 3 threads with the dumbest arguments its a this thread, politics thread and Adrian support group.

10000 missing, probably dead, more to come in Libya. Half a city washed away in the blink of an eye. Must be God taking a pisz, nothing to see here.

just much much faster that it would naturally leading to build up and creating a feedback loop.

but i stay out of here for a reason so back to the trade boards i go.

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