Climate Change in Australia (Part 2)

Update, predictions of 20000 dead

That is not what I asked.

Our trade surplus is based on digging up non-renewable resources and selling them to whoever will take them.

The companies doing the digging and selling are multinationals that have substantial or majority overseas shareholders.

That puts us in the same category as “developing countries”, except that our labor costs are too high so multinationals won’t set up manufacturing here, and have in fact closed down our biggest manufacturing industry less than a decade ago.

I don’t disagree with any of that.

But that’s not the point I was originally refuting


Yep pretty gruesome. And the underlying reasons and culprits involving Libya’s politically fractured country and crumbling infrastructure are in the dock. . so are the EU countries meddling in whilst pilfering vast Libyan resources over the years.

But this guy provided a simple and logical commentary to the climate changing and global warming events underpinning Storm Daniel, this catastrophe and other recent flashpoints.

"We are experiencing a very non linear increase of local and regional climate-related impacts surprising many scientists by how soon they are occurring: heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods, stronger storms, etc.

This is in large part because ice melt is causing the Arctic to warm around 4 times the rate of the whole planet and the decreased horizontal temperature gradient between the Arctic and the rest of the world has helped cause the northern polar jet stream to slow, and get stuck in wavy patterns.

These patterns bleed heat north and cold south, and cause weather systems to persist (like the heat wave that spread fire that incinerated Lytton, British Columbia two years ago).

Also for every degree C rise in temperature the atmosphere can hold 7 percent more moisture, a nonlinear increase. Hence the “rain bombs” we’ve been seeing around the world.

As we get flooded by this from above the rate of sea level rise is accelerating and maximum storm strength is increasing.

There’s some adapting that we have to do to the changes already in the pipeline, but it wouldn’t take us long to make the changes too big to adapt to".

The Guardian, Sep 13th


Simps complain about problems they can’t change to distract from the fact that they are failing to control the things which are within their grasp. Anyone with half a brain knows this is a marxist ploy, the rest are just sheep. And some will beat their chests at this, but it is true. Oh no, spare me, the Climate, save me from the climate oh virtuous and compassionate one!

You should probably worry about getting out of jail, Mr. Tate.


It’s important that you felt like this was a safe enough space for you to express that, Bull. Welcome big guy.


First match on Google search tells me the average global temperature is about 14°C.

I’m not convinced they were thinking in Kelvin, so I’ll say that last bit is wrong :wink:


Of course the full story is that 2 dams collapsed, dams that were known to be faulty. See that changes the story doesn’t it & in typical leftie fashion … left the bits out that reduce the impact.

The very reason people are becoming increasing very cynical of the whole cw narrative


You really are missing something. We experienced unheard of flooding here in Oz with all our wonderful infrastructure. It will keep getting worse. So will the fires. Will it take a 40k insurance bill for you to wake up to the inter-connectedness of things?

The dams were over 50 years old. They weren’t maintained. There were warnings that if a huge flood occurred the city would suffer. Guess what, a huge storm, a huge flood. “Unprecedented and catastrophic”

"The heavy rain and flooding in Libya were a consequence of remnants from a potent low-pressure system officially named Storm Daniel by meteorological services in southeastern Europe. This storm initially caused catastrophic flooding in Greece before evolving into a medicine, a Mediterranean hurricane-like system, bringing hazardous conditions to the Mediterranean Sea and coastal regions.

Read more at:


Ok forget about Libya.

Some of the floods from the last two weeks:


That would be because they’re too scared, or dumb, or invested in something , and too farking selfish to give a ■■■■ about anyone or anything but their own little plots.

"The storm - a Mediterranean hurricane-like system known as a medicane - brought more than 400mm of rain to parts of the north-east coast within a 24-hour period.

That is an extraordinary deluge of water for a region which usually sees about 1.5mm throughout the whole of September.

Libya’s National Meteorological Centre says it is a new rainfall record.

Satellite data shows the extent of some of the rainfall across the region - although in many places the amount recorded on the ground was higher.

I remember getting caught in a flash flood in San Antonio, a city that built its own canal system because it was in a zone prone to that sort of weather. Even there it was still greeted with astonishment and the deliberate infrastructure strained. Now it’s happening in places where you normally couldn’t grow a ■■■■■■■ daisy.

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All part of a Marxist plot to end world trade or some ■■■■


■■■■■■■ cookers

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We live in a time where people honestly believe “they” are deliberately lighting fires to push the “lie” of climate change.


Where’d you go Bomber1408?

as soon as the facts come out