Climate Change in Australia (Part 2)

Brutha scoots back to the farm pronto

I have read your rants

Oh that wasn’t me, that was the BBC. Tough read I agree

So the UN is behind the climate scam in order to impoverish the west?

Thanks for finally answering the question.

It’s a bit suspicious considering the UN is mostly funded by the west but I will go and do some research in 4chan before I make up my mind.


One thing is for sure, obvious what you do with your free hand, you are blind to reality as a result.

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Go Cali!


All signs pointing to bad.

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Stinking hot in Sydney atm, still 31 where I am at 5pm in mid-September! 33 yesterday, and 3 more days of mid-30s coming up. We are a big chance to break the all-time September record on Wednesday. Not unusual for us to get a 30 degree day in September, but five in a row is unheard of.

Nono Duttz wants us to spend 390 odd billion on nuclear plants that won’t deliver for decades instead. Which I admit would fit nicely with the arrival of those subs. We could buy another planet from Scomo’s Money God for that impossible figure


Sydney CBD just .1 of a degree off it’s hottest September day today as well. Tomorrow could be hotter.

Traditionally this is still the ski season…

BoM has officially (to nobody’s surprise who’s been paying the slightest attention) declared that an El Nino is in progress.

This summer is going to be awful, I just hope it’s not catastrophic on top of that.


I think we need a few years of drought before things get catastrophic from a bush fire perspective, what ■■■■■■ the firefighting efforts in 2020 was the earth catching fire. But I do think we are going to get some rude shocks this year - temps nearing 50 degrees in urban environments etc.

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Climate change sceptics have pointed to the Melbourne Football Club’s unfortunate recent habit of going deep into the season. “If there’s nobody there to ski the snow, how do we know it’s not there? Surely it’s a classic case of supply and demand…”


Yeah, i hope so, from a fire point of view. I’m a bit concerned though, that we’re heading into summers so insanely, unprecedentedly hot that all the previous bushfire rules aren’t relevant any more.


It’s wild that I’m getting these messages from the BOM not even 3 weeks into Spring.