Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019


How many finals did they win?


Will somebody with that mindset make it into the club? Not sure home truths would sit well the ‘brains’ trust at our joint.


stop making sense!

They just mentioned that we are easy to coach against on the coach. Duh really!?


Same conversations over and over


That is such a cop out and you know it. Who knows what they would have produce but there is no doubt they were putting together a ‘finals winning’ formula. Two seasons in a row we hit the bye in the Top 4… after making the finals in his first season.

You can’t even compare the list strength either… Woosha has a much, much, much better list and depth of talent. I mean Slattery was still Best 22 when Hird started coaching ffs.

We farked over a club champion to avoid penalties that we ended up copping anyway over a saga that was created by guys bought in by another club legend who is now up on charges and had used the same guys at a previous club but not a hint of issue. But whatever helps you sleep. Had we showed some guts and stuck with Hird, I am confident that we would be in a much much better position right now.

Some people inspire confidence and some don’t. Woosha doesn’t… his WCE midfield was that pumped on white powder… they were already running through walls before he opened his mouth. The whole thing is a sick joke right now.


I thought Robinson was second choice after another deal fell through and Robinson brought Dank with him.


Agree 100%


Mark McVeigh would be a great addition, he has spent some time at GWS, and certainly doesn’t mind speaking a few home truths when required.


he was apart of the essington problem in his playing days later in his career. how do you expect him to be able to see the problem and fix it, when he was apart of it ?


Grab a whiteboard

Write up teams that have had a successful winning culture over the last 10 years (Hawks, Cats, Swans, Tigers, North)

From those teams, write up 100 names of players that have since retired

Of those names, write up 50 names of players that showed leadership during playing days

Get that list down to 25 - bonus points for those in a current coaching role

Call them all, simply ask ‘if you had the keys to essington, what would you do?’

Strip that list down to who ever said ‘clean the decks and start again’ (bonus points if they were excited at the idea of being that person in charge of a proper re-build)

Then go through that list of 1/2 dozen names and pick a head coach


Then make their appointment political.

Then tell them about the essendon style.

Then appoint someone else to create a game plan for them and surround them with a team not of their own choosing.

Then sack them for a former club legend.


I don’t think you are planning the regime change correctly.


But not before going through a “rigorous process to find the best candidate in the country”.

Which you make every candidate go through except the former club legend you’ve already decided to appoint.



…is the coaching version of the old “open chequebook for an elite midfielder”


Crowley was best 22 when Woosha started coaching ffs.

Hird not getting the opportunity to succeed isn’t the same as delivering success.


Heard Harvey on SEN.
Add another one to the ‘we don’t really know what the problem is or how to fix it’.


So… you’re saying hire Sam Mitchell?


If that’s the case then it sounds like to me they are in denial on their game plan e.g. “…it works perfectly at training but doesn’t work in an actual game against real opposition…”.

Until they accept their game plan is flawed and easily coached against, we will not improve.

Nor will we improve until we get real mids into the midfield e.g. Dylan Clarke.

Nor will it improve if we keep playing players under injury duress e.g. Daniher & Walla.

The coaching staff have simply over-complicated everything trying to make the team “great”.

Simply go back to basics and learn to execute the basics well as a first step and build from there.


…then ignore the half dozen and call Caracalla?


I think he has been a shining light for our club and we were lucky to have him as a spokesperson during the supplemenst scandal. He has never once bagged the club, never been anything other than an EFC stalwart despite being handed one of the biggest ■■■■ sandwiches of all time.
We have been very very lucky to have him.