Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019


As many have already stated, if half the team showed the passion that Goddard has we would be in a much better spot. He is doing what is asked on the field, and does it with heart on sleeve. Rubbish call saying he is a cause of the problem.
We play soft, a few of these guys need to harden the fk up. No issues there.


Was made aware of an extract from Mathew Pavlich’s book from a number of years ago refering to his time under Harvey.

Of Harvey, he said: “I have no doubt that Harvs’ football grounding compounded our issues in the latter half of 2011. That left-field thinking came to the fore: trying an obscure motivational technique, changing our training venue, exposing players to new roles. We would regularly apply impromptu and untrained methods at our stoppage structures, changing them in order to surprise the opposition. It was impulsive and while it had the potential to work in our favour, that outcome was reliant upon the remainder of our game plan and system being rock solid. It wasn’t. Given our lack of success I accepted the need for some experimenting and adding some different elements to our game style, but ultimately it all made for reactive players who were thinking too much and not playing on instinct. Bad footy was the result. The other issue with Harvs was the way the message was delivered. Like all good coaches, he was trying to be hard and demanding on the players, but the message became garbled - to the point where a player would walk out of a team meeting and ask, ‘What was that all about?’ It was a frustrating period and put me in a tough position. The captain has to back up the coach and make sure his message gets through to the players. Often with Harvs I was playing the role of translator rather than someone reinforcing his message.”


Who’s taking one for the team




I nominate barnz


Neeld: “We want to see things done consistently”

Ok thanks


We should get Jake Carlisle involved in any review. He had some firm views on the club when he was playing for the Bombers.


Neeld speaks.
The unaccountable one seems to know all about the problems. so I guess he is one of the ones responsible for them.


Are you talking about Sicily ? Same role.


Not as silly as it sounds. Should get all the others that have gone to other clubs in the past few years as well. Melksham Hibberd, Stewie, Judas…


I could bring myself to listen to that idiot yet. What did he have to say? Is it worth listening to?

I remember feeling sorry for him at Melbourne because he constantly looked fkn defeated and like he had no clue. Winning 5 games in two years. Super awesome pickup by us. I no longer feel sorry for him.


Simply put Harvs.

  1. Your game plan is too complex. Simplify it.
  2. Have multiple options as to game day changes when components in the game plan break down.
  3. Make sure the players have the ability to perform the game plan. Otherwise, change it to suit your players.

I don’t think our list is ■■■■. They are confused, un-inspired and lacking confidence. Points to both on field and coaching box leadership.

One other thing I haven’t seen mentioned, is that for a team that is apparently busting a nut, we are horribly behind on the tackle count in every fkn match. Tackles and pressure acts show intent and desire. When that starts dropping off we are clearly not inspired to be out there.


Except EFC has won the tackle count in four games, level in another game and lost by one in another game - It was the Hawks game in which EFC was well down on tackles - Continue the misinformation.


OK let me rephrase that. Our number of tackles per week is rubbish. Especially for a side that is being comprehensively beaten.
Last year we averaged 5 more tackles per game, even in 2016 we did.
So whilst we have won some of the tackle counts, its poor numbers.


How big is this whiteboard?

And as it’s a whiteboard, instead of writing up another 50 and then another 25, why not just rub off 50 and then another 25?




The AFL probably warned us off that, given it’s an obvious abuse of the salary cap.


The deal didn’t “fall through”. Bomber waited till the appropriate process made its choice, then just came in and over-rode it (an actual governance failure). Robinson hadn’t even applied.


Like Sam Mitchell?


Damn, my snark has been identified.