Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019


Essendon rules V’s the rest eh.


Nigel Lappin? played in 3 flags,was coached by Matthews and has been an assistant at the cats for a long time.

He would be a great as an assistant imo.


Coach: John Worsfold

Senior assistant: Blake Caracella
Midfield: Nigel Lappin
Forwards: ?
Back Line: James Kelly or Dustin Fletcher

David King: Would be in charge of stats and oposistion analyst






Rofl …david king … now there’s a new low in barrel scraping


What’s wrong with King? The bloke knows what he’s on about other wise fox footy wouldn’t have him as thier main analyst.


King has been asked to coach numerous times and has declined


He gets everything from luffy.


fair enough.


Asked by who?

After his stint at Richmond as an assistant i would be extremely surprised if that was the case.


As opponent analyst King would ensure we didn’t take any teams lightly…


not even ourselves in our intra-clubs


At this rate the thread title should change to “Please make plans for the second half of 2018”


see what this coaching group has driven Nino too. David fkn King.



Besides picking us for the premiership, what has David King said in the past that has made people in here dislike him so much ?


He’s a reverse analyser.

Scours statistics, finds something irrelevant then declares it the reason a team are premiers/spooners.

King is full of it.


Not sure about that, maybe if he wore the red & black in his playing days instead of the blue and white, people in here would be screaming for him to come on board as an assistant.


He kicked a point at the end of the first quarter in round 16 of 2001. True sign of a deadset loser!


All of them should be brought up on defiling the games integrity. They have invented anti football, full of anti highlights and anti heroes. It is just sad and depressing to watch.