Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019




Anyone going out or are we back to the numbers we had when Neeld was there?


No idea mate. Haven’t asked.


Harves survived?


I assume so


■■■■ him and his 2 dumb mutts the shitbag!
Hhhhew! Damm. Sprog in a sock!


I will leave it there.


You’re not helping my case, bro.


… … Hooooookaaaaayyy, …

* slowly backs out of thread *,


Riiiiight. Beyond Nino’s endless rants there’s been nothing to connect Caracella to Essendon.


Why do people have trouble understanding the word possibly?

Or just shooting the breeze speculation ffs.??

It’s like some folk have never had real life footy conversations before …


To Essendon?


I’d guess Brisbane


Exactly. The history of the AFL is littered with the corpses of brilliant assistant coaches who flopped when given the senior job.

Although I can’t help feeling that as a former player in multiple premierships, and who produced the goods on Grand Final day (2 goals for us in 2000 and 2 for Brisbane in 2003) he’ll make a good senior coach


Article updated, it’s Fark Carlton.

But I would have thought the club would be happy with what Crow has done so far, no?




What’s the point of this thread


Well it depends which point you mean. The uppermost point is the original post, the lowest point is yet to be determined, and the final point has not yet been reached.


And Joey D marks at the highest point


Good point.