Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019




Just keep Elshaug and Sheeds away from each other. Not a lot of love there, iirc.


I remember before the 2000 round 13 game Tony said that we don’t perform in big games and Sheeds said that he should be the last person talking about performing in big games.


Saw all these new posts and was hoping to see Skipworth was given the DCM. Alas it’s not to be


Why no love for Skippy?


Reckon he is a fraud. Don’t rate him and Harvey at all. I would have moved both on with Neeld




Yep agree

Replace Harvey with Rutten
Replace Skipworth with Kelly

Would also get rid of Corigan and get a proper forwards coach.


So @Finding_Nino you are saying sack everyone?


found this on a search of sack everyone


Hang on we’ve just hired the Saints head recruiter. Am I missing something here…?


Over 5 years involved in the St Kilda list and somehow we have a need for him.
If anything I’d ignore anything his “contacts” suggested.


Yup. There’s a few you just have to scroll by when it comes to their views on Coaches/Coaching.

Folks still not rating Skippy just boggles the mind.


Harvey and the corrigans are the ones whom I have pencilled in for the Neeld treatment should this season go pear-shaped.

Skipworth has enough credits in the bank after what he did to the forwardline and midfield in successive years, I kind of wish they’d have left him in charge of the forwards tbh


What do people actually base these hard line assessments of the assistant coaches on?


Personally, I base mine on mainly prejudice and (blissful)ignorance.


Aside from Worsfold, what do we think and know of the assistants? It seems like Worsfold likes to have Harding next to him as the chief tactician and it’s hard to know how much he really does. But where to the rest stand and do the players like them?

Skipworth has been around forever but no clubs seems to have ever been interested in pinching him and he has never been spoken about as a prospective senior coach. Concerning.

Harvey is reaching dinosaur territory. There have been reports players have asked him to tone on requests for them to be aggressive. Do they players respect him?

Corrigan - a bit of an unknown, but people from Geelong way in the local footy scene were surprised we got him, he is apparently not the most respected person as a coach. Also rumours that Daniher doesn’t exactly find him inspiring. Very concerning.

Rutten has been brought in. I fear that we are chasing tail by poaching a Richmond bloke instead of developing our own plan based on the attributes of our list. Maybe he will do that, and he has runs on the board from Richmond, but I’m yet to be convinced the current defensive plan will save us.

This is a bit of a vent/rant but I’d keen to hear what people truly think or know about these coaches, because from what we’ve seen they are producing a severe underperformance. Today we saw a team going through motions who weren’t playing for their coaches.

Is there buy in from the group and do they actually have the skills to win a flag in this era of AFL?


Woosha, Skipworth and Harvey all into the cannon as I have wanted for a long time.
Of course all the skippy lovers will defend him but the bloke is an absolute fraud


Should have held on to Goodwin/Egan combo


I’m a fan of the ‘good essendon people’ mantra right now. we’ve achieved nothing with the current good essendon people.