Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019


Please also load Lindsay “I’m the perfect man for the job, just ask me” Tanner into the cannon too.


Is wooshas press conference online?




Yes. on afl site


Link for Lazies??

It always seems so hard to fkn find on that site for some reason.


How long till “X” re-signs him?
■■■■■■■ clowns


For mine, that reflects poorly on the players. They absolutely should be more aggressive, (if true) think it’s more about other coaches/worsfold not backing his call.


Do you make them take off the makeup?


I’d make them leave it on, only wear it in the Centrelink line as opposed to our Coaching Box and Board Room.
■■■■■■■ numpties


I go for women myself.


I’ve never really thought about rooting a numpty.


Our players like hugs too much


Excuse my ignorance, what is a numpy??? I might fancy one but I don’t get the lingo.


It’s funny, plenty of insiders on here keep talking up our hiring of assistants and new people. I’ve always been so disappointed when we announce a new one.

Harvey, Skipworth, Neeld and Corrigan should have been punted when Woosha arrived. Kelly has been the only addition I’ve liked.

We got Richardson from tigers, yet I see him as the guy who did nothing for his whole time at the tigers and then is dining out on the fort, yet it was Balme who walking in and got the place going behind the scenes.

We got Ball who was at the AFLPA and a nice guy for player performance, that is just a WTF call for me.

We got Rutten from the tigers who was there from 2014. All through the crap period. Also a typical ■■■■ manager move to go hire a guy from your previous job from richardson, when everybody says Caracella is the brains behind them.


I’d laugh if Caracalla genius plan was to develop a game plan suited to the personnel.


We need 3 years of the same coaches. Every year they tinker and have brought someone in. What we need is repetition and then after some time work on the little things. We’re going into a second season of no evidential game plan. It’s pretty much play the ball, hope we don’t fumble and we’re decent by foot and pray we put on pressure.


And dreds and mows


They haven’t tinkered with the gameplan.

Looks just like the gameplan they had at the start of 2018.


Its not just the game plan.

I couldnt see us put any work into any GWS player, apart from organise matchups - ie saad/Greene

But GWS did

  • Targetted Shiel and Smith physically, pressured them. None of our boys helped them out as usual.or protected them. But we did give off a few big hits - Tippa, Ambrose.
  • Zerret was tagged out of match. we had no answer for this, on how to get him involved, DeBoer pulled his pants down.
  • Phil Davis was monstering McKernan, yet we still persisted to go through him, even when he was outnumbered.
    IF GWS always had 1 extra at the contest where was ours?

We weren’t physical with coniglio, didnt play tight on whitfield and essentially let them have their way with us.

They had players go down injured - Kennedy winded from Tippa, Perryman busted shoulder from Ambrose, Keefe knee injury then came back on and kicked goals and they still overran us in the last quarter.

Where was the opposition Analysis?


We rarely seem to put any work into opposition players, just concentrate on ourselves and hope for the best

When a team sets out to stop us going through the middle, and has a spare man back we can never seem to overcome it


We aren’t really in to tactics. Over-rated.