Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019

Is it a fact that we have one of the most inexperienced lists (games played) but one of the oldest in years? Doesn’t that reflect badly on our player development?

Corrigan inspires no confidence in me…even if the post game vids are small snippets, put me to sleep in no time.


getting the boys to have energy, enthusiasm and a passionate crack at actually playing contested, uncompromising footy is far more important than the tactics. Though not having belief in one may partially lead to absence of the other.

And dont give me the “players need to drive themselves” garbage. If thats true, then there’s no need for coaches at all.

Coach your friggin players and stop abrogating your responsibility.

Several years ago, a players parent thought the club lacked footy hunger, it was just a job for too many, from admin to players. Thats sure what it looks like far too often.


No, the players should drive themselves. The coaches are there to ensure the gameplan and tactics are right.

oh, wait…

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Yeh he’s a real amateur. Constantly confused and asking other coaches whether players are doing it right. To me he has no strategy and doesn’t seem like the motivation guy either, not sure why he’s there.

I would like Michael Voss at the club.

There I said it.

Get him in.

This is it unfortunately.

Our players are not mentally strong enough to be self driven.

Hirdy used to have various players want to run through brick walls for him. He inspired.

Other coaches have the fear of god put through the players. Clarkson is as angry as they come, cracking in isn’t an option for the players it’s a must. Ross Lyon seemingly similar, no excuses to not be defend … ever!

I almost think when Woosh delegates out significantly to Neeld as he did and now Rutten he loses connection & maybe even some credibility with the players. And we saw in latter half of last year when it was him delivering the message it worked.

It worked in 2016. And 2017 also.

Be their coach. Be the one who delivers the message. Simplifies things how they like etc.


I think we should also look outside our own playground. Not for playing tactics, etc but for team motivation, winning culture,etc.
Melbourne Storm continually turn up ready to play week after week. They have won 17 round one games in a row. Consistently in the mix come finals time even though they continually turn over players. Why??
Brisbane Bandits have won 4 national titles in a row and just have the belief and drive to keep going. Why??
Surely there must be industry leaders in this area. While I am more old school in my thinking and can’t understand how an individual or a team cannot motivate themselves, I realise these days people need cuddles and a pat on the head daily.
We are supposedly a big club. Think big.


Their so called crap period culminated in winning a flag in what, 3 seasons?

Made finals in 14 and 15 (a year in which they won 15 games) and the flag in 17.

Spot on. It’s why we improved so much on-field in 2011 compared to 2010 when the list was virtually the same, and not great. We had a coaching group who understood and inspired the players.

And then they…


Yeah, don’t go there.

It hasn’t been a great decade for this club.

I have no problem going there.
Bomber recommended Weapon and by proxy Dank.
He still had us playing better than we are now with a worse and more emotionally wrecked team.

IMO Hird had the ability to understand what motivates and inspires the players individually. Then make time to meet each of the players individually and challenge them.

Everyone has different motivations… one size fits all, doesn’t work. Leaving this work up to the Line coaches, is playing with fire… especially when you have contrasting personalities like Harvey from extreme, to Skipworth on the other.

Edit: I often wondered if Hird did the same when he was captain.


Worsfold sends me to sleep during press conferences, maybe he just doesn’t connect with the players and it’s hard to respect a headmaster, you don’t go into battle for one

Exactly. For someone supposedly so good at “man management” appears he might well miss the basics.

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Management is very different to leadership.

I’ll argue the guy might be a good manager, but has the leadership skills of a rock.

Solid but inflexible, and unlikely to motivate unless thrown.


Does anyone have first hand information what the players think about Worsfold and his coaching?

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It’s Blitz, it doesn’t matter.


Yes you could look at it this way.


You could say that he was part of the group that couldn’t get it done, needed a review and Balme and Caracella to come in and turn it around which they have benefited from in their career but were not a core part of.

Only those who were there could talk to what is the truth.