Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019

What do you guys reckon about Mark McVeigh coming to the club? Isn’t he at the Giants? Reckon he would be a good assistant coach.

Say something weird and funny Donnington :grinning:


Nope. I’m a changed man. I’ve learnt to respect others opinions on online forums. I hope to make long lasting relationships and friends on here and to discuss the Essendon Football Club.


Well that’s no fun

Anyone know if Woosha’s wife and children are still living in Perth?

I believe they are in Perth. Why?

Donnington please…


Anyone remember the movie Pleasantville? Where everyone’s nice, the weather’s nice, everything’s nice.
But it’s banal and boring - the same thing happens every day.

Essendon FC has become the Pleasantville of the footy world - nice facilities, nice membership base, nice coaches, nice players. But we’re banal, don’t stand for anything, and make the same mistakes over and over and over again.

Who’s going to be our equivalent of the Jeff Daniels character - the one who comes in, tips things upside down so everything takes a turn for the better?


Goddard tipped some pretzels upside down. Was it like that?


Knights tipped a phone upside down. Was it like that?


Vote 1: The Raptor


Well there these two guys that got hired…

Bring back flashy boots Reimers

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His best games were against Carlton

Him an Lovett always ripped Carlton a newly.

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Damn Right!

Voss is of below average intelligence

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That’s becuase he’s inbred.

His dad shagged Brett Vos’s mum.


Not many other players in recent history that have been as passionate about the club. That may have diminished going through the saga, even if he wasn’t still playing/at the club as it played out through the media.

Regardless, I can’t imagine he would have been easy on the team with that performance on Sunday.

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Has more to do with the fact that our older players served a 12 month suspension.

Hi Xavier, exactly how much money is the Amart sponsorship worth?