Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019

Exactly 1.5 coaching extensions.


I want non essendon people personally. We always go back to the old boys club, we need someone fresh from outside like clarko, beveridge, hardwick, simpson were for their clubs.

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well, how good would you be at your job if your wife and kids lived thousands of km away?

I take it you have never worked FIFO.

While it can be negative for relationships, it is almost always better for your work output.

Somebody find me the Sean McVay of the AFL.

Me too.

I’ll give him the benefit of doubt for the first half of this year - this is his year! However outside of the tactics I just want him to give a good old fashion spray to the players or/and media.

With Hird IMO you knew he was motovational and intellectual, and with Bomber who the [email protected] knew what really was going on in the brain box - brilliant, crazy or otherwise. With John it seems almost too vanilla and PC. [email protected] I’m almost wishing for a Scott type reaction as a coach- shoot me now!!

Members and Supporters should start a petition. We need Hirdy back.

Knights and Worsfold?


Referring to all the coaches not just senior coach, i like to see guys that have come from other successful programs, still suprised we haven’t gotten any coaches from the hawks they have been at the top of the tree for over 10 years.

That’s true. I thought you were going that way because all those you mentioned were all assistant coaches at Hawthorn at one point.

I’ve said elsewhere (maybe in this thread) that Hardwick and Buckley had their assistant coaches replaced and it worked well for them. But we still have our coaches who have been there for quite a long time. Yes they were inexperienced coaches but that shouldn’t stop us from getting well placed assistant coaches from elsewhere.

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So Blake and Balme come in and win a premiership in one year, simple as that? No credit should be given to the coaching staff that lead them to multiple finals appearances previously?

I didn’t rate Richmond when they initially won the flag, but I reckon last year showed they were a pretty ■■■■■■ good team too. It made me look back at the years leading up to the flag. I dismissed them because they lost finals. You take out 2016 and they strung together a lot of wins.


The reason I don’t rate them is

a. They have a team with an excellent group of superstars who should be able to get any team there. Rance, Martin, Cotchin and Reiwolt are all that good.

b. They had not one a single final win when they did get there, suggesting that even with their superstars the coaching group was incapable of delivery anything worthy of a GF team.

Caracella and Balme rock up, they change the plan, teach it in a way the players can implement from day one and they win the GF.

I’d be looking at, gasp, Sam Mitchell

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He’s not the answer, unless the question was “Which absolute piece of ■■■■ ■■■■ should never be allowed to set foot on our premises without swift and brutal physical reprisal”?


If Mitchell is the answer, I dont want to know what the question is.

I can think of at least 10 blokes i’d rather have at the club before this bloke.

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Whateverittakes for us to become more like Hawthorn in the last 10 years.
Mitchell would probably help us lots.


@Humble_NSW_Fan perhaps there are some questions you would like Mitchell to be the answer to after all…

Q: Who would you like to hire for sparring practice with Hooker and Belly and Draper if he would like a go?

Q: Who would you like to hire for Ambrose to practice legally taking out opposition players running full tilt from the opposite direction.

Q: Who would you like to like to hire for J D and Francis to practice taking speccies putting 2 knees in the back of their head?

I’m sure there are others too which involve him being someone to practice on giving corkies with your knee into opposition players running full tilt into the pack.


I would almost take Balme over any player in the comp at this stage. Success follows him wherever he goes. Start from the top and work down.


That suggestion seems out of the realms of possibility… but so too does a sustained period of EFC onfield success.

One thing in its favour is that EFC seems to totally rail against the football orthodoxy… maybe its time to peg our hopes to a coach on the rise.

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