Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019

Fantastic, wife and kids in Perth, me in Thailand.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm WHAT???


Just my reaction to a dumb comment about Wooshas family life.

Many of us have worked and lived away from family overseas or interstate, and it doesn’t mean that the relationship is in trouble.

Woosha is 50, married 25 years, three adult daughters and is a professional in all manner of life.

We should only care about his ability to get our team kicking enough goals to win a game of footy.


Spot on BF. Having agreed with all that, still, it’d be awfully tough to work much of the year away from loved ones. I was surprised for that reason alone when Woosha re-signed last year. He’s contract is up in 2022 2020, again I’m doubting he would extend his time with the club.

I would imagine the club is already preparing for that scenario.

Edit: datefix


My mistake (fat fingers), should read 2020.

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Thanks. That was not good for my heart rate.

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Don’t care about his relationship, but does it affect his performance as a coach.

Watch the turn around on Mitchell here if we ever hire him.

You guys will be celebrating his Brownlow win and laughing about the prick mimicking the injection.

It’s just our Sammy!

Let’s make a coaching superbox - team him up with Brett Montgomery!

Does your “relationship” affect your job ?

I would bet it does, either good or bad. But that is just life and most just get with it.

So, if WOOHA’s deal finishes in 2020, whats the succession plan?

The issue I have with the coaching panel is that we have no obvious up and comers. Maybe Kelly? Rutten?? both appear some time off.

In a perfect world, the VFL coach and 1 or 2 assistants would be potential senior coaches or at least successful ex players that can bring a winning culture to the club and make excellent assistants…we dont seem to have that luxury.

No, I havent forgotten Skippy.

His kids aren’t adults. They’re in primary and high school

If his family being sway is affecting his job then he should move closer to them and we should not have offered him an extension when it wasnt warranted.

■■■■ me. tomorrows game can’t come soon enough.

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Why don’t you watch a replay of last week’s game…again.
ps I really admire your dedication to the cause for doing this once.

This is a weird thing you’re doing.

On this point we are in complete agreement.

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6 months of it, remember.

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22, 17 and 15. Adults in eyes of the AFL

Sparring practise against Bellchambers, you are the only person who has ever tried to make Bellchambers sound like Mumford, Holy crap Mitchell would smash Bellchambers.

Bellchambers is scared of his own shadow.