COVID-19 Round 10 - are we there yet?

you could move that date any which way you want… sif we’re getting beyond 10M ever… :laughing:

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Well, we are staying ahead of NZ’s roll-out :wink:

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X-Axis doesn’t make sesne.

It says April 25th we hit 10 million.

except in percentage population.
They are 16% done.

I don’t think so.

should cross reference the covid vaccine discussion with the Parcel delivery can do better. Discuss thread

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No definitely not. I think 0.8 has been misread as 800,000 which would be (approximately) 16% of the NZ population (~5 million).

But that graph shows 0.8 vaccines per 100 population, which is a clumsy way of saying 0.8%.


Yep! That’s how a lot of the places report it! It’s weird but once you get over it, it makes sense :slight_smile:

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ahh yes. Thanks mate.

0.8% of their population.

It’s a percentage. Why they don’t just say that rather than out of 100, I don’t know.

I guess you can have greater than 100% with two-dose coverage, which might be a bit counter intuitive.

e.g. If reading 147% coverage as compared to 147 doses per 100 population; I’d probably go with the latter.

I understand saying “per million”, specially in terms of Europe, USA or China.

But per 100? Christ

Well the missus had the az vaccine. She does suffer from anaphylaxis. Hasn’t exploded yet, so all good. :nauseated_face:


So the new case on Brisbane is genomically linked to the case that escaped hotel quarantine a while back.


And the players have been given an exemption?


I thought the afl was gonna charter players only flights. Fkg lol

As long as they don’t somehow fark up the VFLW… let it burn.

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