COVID-19 Round 10 - are we there yet?

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Just heard the new strain in the UK, as well as being 70% more contagious, is now seemingly proving more deadly too. :no_mouth:

Yeah been posted by a few people.
At this stage looks as though the vaccines won’t be any less effective against it though thankfully.


I just assumed more people were dying because more were getting it. So this new info is really unfortunate.


Tbh I don’t remember anyone posting anything that directly contradicted what you’re saying so could be the case.

Based on how the Australian cricket team is going, they should be sent to South Africa, regardless how bad this new strain is.

Sri Lanka toured SA with no issues, while England is currently in Sri Lanka and then move onto India. There is no reason for Aust not to tour SA, especially seeing they hae travelled to England and the UAE since September.

Yeah, I’m sure they’ll be fine.

I was wondering about that too.

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I know a lot of people aren’t fans but does anyone have access to this article?

its gonna be some bs fluff piece about how good australians are without a shred of humility from the media after a year of divisive undermining and outright dangerous publication.

but yeh good on the australian i guess.

AstraZeneca production shortfall of up to %60 for the first quarter this year.

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Keep up :joy:
We were talking about this earlier today


meh, I don’t even know what round we are in

Geez, I didn’t even know we had ticked over a new round either

Figures for the last 4 days are 63,55, 70 and 78 - It’s been fluctuating around these amounts for the last ten days - In the last 6 weeks numbers have got up to 102 with a lowest of 22 - Authorities are finding it hard to break the back of the latest wave, though it’s under reasonable control - Suggest the public is doing little to help.

Apparently they nominated Victorian’s as the “Australians of the year” - was curious on the context.

Coming from Caroline Overington, who’s spent the last year ripping into Victoria, and having written a savage article only a day or two earlier, she can get royally ■■■■■■. ■■■■ The Australian and ■■■■ every one of their opinion writers and ■■■■ Adam Creighton too.

Your grandma can die so my share portfolio thrives.


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