COVID-19 Round 13 - IT'S NOT A RACE!

Things changed quickly!

How does the maths on this work? If an unvaccinated person who catches covid is a 10% probability of hospitalisation, does this mean that a Pfizer 2 dose vaccinated person would be a 0.4% or 4 in 1000 probability of hospitalisation?

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There are people here better qualified than me to answer that question, but to me it sounds bang on.

Most that I’ve seen have reported the figure as risk/effectiveness compared to an unvaccinated person (so your first example) rather than absolute risk/effectiveness (your second example).
eg 200 people with COVID / 100 unvaccinated / 100 vaccinated.
If the vaccine was 50% effective at preventing serious illness you would expect half as many sick people in the vaccine group vs the unvaccinated group. 50% could be extremely significant or insignificant (in the non-statistical sense of the word) depending on what the other number is ie reducing the number of sick from 2/100 to 1/100 is less significant than reducing the number from 50/100 to 25/100.
Definitely an important distinction to make though, and not one I would presume when being given any numbers!
Also very important to clarify what the measure of effectiveness is as well (ie transmission, serious illness or death).

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I’m expecting gladys to drastically up the exaggeration of how many cases her measures have saved Sydney from thousands to tens of thousands within days

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From the article:
The pickup in cases has led to some debate over whether the UK government should further shorten the recommended interval between Pfizer doses, recently lowered from 12 weeks to eight.

This doesn’t make sense as it has been 3-6 weeks between Pfizer doses - have they mixed it up with AZ vaccine?

Yeah, that’s odd. I agree - think it’s a typo & they mean AZ in that para. But bulk of article is about Pf. I think.