COVID-19 Round 13 - IT'S NOT A RACE!

Continuing the discussion from COVID-19 Round 12 - c'mon, it's just a little prick - #10041 by frosty.

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we’re not there yet

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Not even close

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@SMJ how dem vax stats

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textbook pandemic

Going to be interesting once this s “over” to see how log it took us to get there and how that compares to previous pandemics.

This time we have the tools of deep sequencing to rip through new variants and identify the changes. The power of PCR combined with smart phones and QR codes etc to diagnose and track cases.

And we whipped out a number of very effective vaccines first go.

So how will all that power and technology play out with getting this virus under control compared to the past - notwithstanding we are comparing a different disease and disease agent.

pesky infectious agents

Story one is definitely true, second one is from a last minute conversation this afternoon, that was reiterated from a second person word for word

“I have a dog”
“Ok what colour is it”
“I dunno”

You don’t have a dog

I did have a dog, but I got the jab and it died.


What ever :stuck_out_tongue:

i had jab number one today and either everyone else who got it is a wimp, or i got injected with saline

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You are just hard as a cats head

Which one?

I remember the day I got my first jab, and now I’m looking forward to my next jab.


Yeah love me some heroin


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the dave sharma special

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Well I enjoyed your time here…


I am just saying people are having reactions to these vaccines, that’s fines lets let them suffer whilst we just feel immune, do you see the ironic behaviour here

Please explain how that is irony

Giving a vaccine to make people suffer . hmmm

Who’s prescribing vaccines to make people suffer?

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