COVID-19 Round 17 - get vaxed, get waxed, get ready to climax

I feel like I’ve picked a horrible time to get a placement moved from rural Vic to Parkville haha (albeit RWH not RCH or RMH).

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It’s a while back now, but physio programs at Sunshine ( outpatient) and RMH rehab ( inpatient) top notch - public health system gold standard.

According to the press release and press conference it is 15 October. I would hope they push it back a week to give people extra time to comply given they haven’t published the new orders yet.

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Don’t remember if you were on the ortho RMH ward (7SE iirc) haha?
That’s where I did placement over January/Feb.

yep, indeed … and take it to the CEO - Xavier “Drive Purposeful Innovation” Campbell thread

I want to know what items and amounts he claimed on the invoice.

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This is the feeling im getting from our resident freedom fighter. Problem is they can’t do their work until they get vaccinated, so the might be given the Tijuana brass before then.

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A few years back, so no, post surgery after an accident, to learn to walk again - It was the rehab one in Royal Park near the juvie. It took patients of all sorts, stroke, wheelchair bound etc. Used to get wheeled down to ground level down from the hill where the wards are, before I could walk again.
Downside was the disgusting food.

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that’s got to start tracking on Facebook etc (if it isn’t already) that pharmacies are the way to get a third shot… with follow up from media

People waiting for Novavax are kidding themselves. Perhaps it may be better, but if it is available - perhaps more likely since their collaboration with the Serum Institute of India - it will serve well as a booster.

COVID is spreading around now, and we need people vaxxed now. Novavax is not available now, and we won’t be seeing it this year.


Exactly. And they won’t have a job.

So it’s a dumb decision

Wife had a prospective client like that today trying to make an appointment.
Sorry, I can only offer a telephone consult was the response.

How do the doses get acquitted and registered on records?
Or does it get put down to spoilage ( and not paid per dose)?

One (1) shirt with a tea towel pattern - $14.75

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How you guys going before the big 2nd round? Anyone ‘throbbin’? How would you describe your excitement in one word?



Wrong thread :joy:



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Quoting for posterity.

I don’t know where you have to get jabbed to get that reaction.


I’m waiting for the covid medicine to come in raspberry flavour.

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