Cricket Part II


rain for one hour please adelaides.


Broad hit wicket please. Shittest way to go out.


Caught behind will do.


out head butting Bancroft would be good also


Mitchell Starc hates wim.




Starc comes in and goes bang bang bang!!

Should’ve brought him on from both ends, BAD captaincy!!!


Aaaand, she’s all over,

Poms are fkn pathetic really.


Series Over.


Ignore my previous post.


Eight days 'til Perth.


Very strong bowling in both innings and a very good batting effort in the first innings.

Marsh doing well, while Handscomb is a tough one to keep in. Do you give him one more chance, or send him to shield to sort himself out? Should do better in Perth, but hasn’t done enough to justify staying in.


Starc gets the chocolates with 5 for. Marsh should be motm. His brother will be playing in the next test at the expense of Handscomb. Bank it.


I thought we’d win by 100 runs. Wrong again… sigh.


Never in doubt, always knew we would win (except for when i didn’t earlier).


Was that the fentanyl talking?


Where have the panic merchants gone?
Possible cracked ribs for Overton topped off the day


Got worked up over nothing. Had lunch breaks last longer than today’s play


Can’t believe there is a team with less fight in them than Australia when their backs are to the wall…


He’s gone I reckon. Australia will want another bowler on a flat WACA deck and he’s the one out of form. Marsh or Stoinis will replace him.