Cricket Part II


Or they may pick Maxwell.


WHat an astonishment surprise


Apart from being in rubbish form, Handscomb is (unusually for an Aus batsman) renowned more as a player of spin than pace. I’m sure England will stick with their 4 prong pace attack for Perth and (if anything) the pitch will be a little quicker and take a little less spin.
Bottom line, if we’re going to drop him for any game in an australian home series, it would be Perth. And if we’re going to drop anyone on form it’d be him, now.

There’s an argument not to mess with a winning side, but Maxwell was stiff to get dropped and he’■■■■■ almost 600 at about 80 so far this season. I don’t think he’s ever had a chance to play at home.


Fark off England. All talk and can’t back any of that up.


Let’s go with that.


On form he’s the 3rd best of the 4 WA all-rounders.


The selectors want another pace bowler for Perth. The ideal attack for the WACA is 3 quicks, a medium who can move it both ways but can also hit the deck hard and a spinner. For me that means Mitch is right in the equation. If they choose just to replace Handscomb with a batter then Maxwell is probably it


The selectors rate him highly. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was picked. Missed a couple of Shield games because of family reasons and his first game back he didn’t set the world on fire, but was solid enough for them to maybe pick him.


And we know how much they seem to hate Cartwright and MMarsh, who are both in reasonably good form!


Cartwright is in crap form with the bat. Hardly gets a bowl.


Didn’t he get runs last game?


42 & 9 agains QLD


Much ado about nothing.


And mitch marsh is just back from injury IIRC and not been bowling much.

Surely there is someone out there aside from him.

Where’s James Faulkner got to these days?

Otherwise could pick another specialist bowler given Cummins batting of late could push him up order.

Jackson Bird is in squad yes?


Handscomb averages 50 and batted through the toughest session of the series when others failed. He protected the tail.

He has only had 3 bats. Surely they don’t drop him.


We made some obvious tactical errors and still got the win. Probably a reflection of the opposition but all you can do is beat them.
I’d bring Maxwell in for Perth.


Lol, … Anyone else noticed how much Joe Root looks and sounds like James Blunt!



What errors? The non follow on?

We won and protected our bowlers. What more do people want?


Mitch Marsh added to Ashes squad. For reals…


Yeah there shouldn’t be too much carry on about the non-follow on. However the DRS stuff was diabolical.