Cricket Part II


If there’s one thing these runs for Root would lack, it’s consistency.

Unless you’re talking about the visit every 10 minutes.


:raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Bizarre review




Good win by the Aussies, by an innings and 123 runs. Won the series 4-0, pretty comprehensive. Better with the bat, better with the ball, you can’t ask too much more than that.


Great series win. Now to spend two years practicing against swing.


So what do we do now?


Can slater ■■■■ off


ODI’s, T20i, BBL, then AFL (if you don’t watch NFL/Tennis/NBA, etc)


Sth Africa v India for those that want to see some high standard Test Cricket.


MOTM Cummins


You kidding? Doesn’t seem very high standard to me tbh.


MOTS Smith


I guess we’ll find out when Australia goes over there



He was talking about the current test going on which doesn’t seem very high standard tbh, not what is going to happen when we get there.


Yep I understand that. Why would it not seem high standard? Just because of the scores?
The parts i’ve watched seemed pretty good although granted some of the shot selection could be better.


It is no better than our set of tests. People like to paint this picture that this series was crap while others are better. So far from what i have seen they are on a level.

I know a lot on here like to talk down the Aussies but they played pretty good cricket and won the series 4=0, let’s not put that down (and I am not referencing you aboods).


The presentation stage was embarrassing.




The aussies probably did play good cricket. The bowling attack certainly seems very good.
It’s just a little bit hard to judge how good we were when we were only challenged for small periods in most tests and England seemed to fly the white flag at times.

It will certainly be a fascinating series against South Africa and it will be good to watch some competitive test cricket. As long as our fast bowlers stay fit I think we’re a reasonable chance.