Cricket Part II


45* (saved a draw)

Where’s this “5 innings” in a row where he missed out?


Would have thought Maxwell’s recent double century in the shield showed he has the ability to knuckle down. Selectors are all over the shop. But this far this summer they have come out on top so they are getting the benefit of the doubt.


Maybe - but not massively

He played the one day cup (Maxie missed with National duties) and went pretty well, and he’s been OK without being great for the first half of Shield.
Apparently been pretty good in the T20 stuff.

You could make a pretty reasonable case that he’s earnt his shot, I’m just not really seeing why you bring back a 34yo for a pretty meaningless series like this. He’s not going to be in the next ODI WC.


Has always been his issue. He’s been put up thon order, and been a lot more disciplined in Shield this year. Arguably his most impressive innings was the 45*, batted about 1.5 sessions for that, slow going, wickets falling everywhere. Saved the draw. Don’t think he would’ve done that 2-3 years ago.

FWIW he reportedly has absolutely no idea what the coaches and selectors want from him now. They asked him to bat more maturely, now he’s too conservative. Australian cricket and the seectors have a serious communication problem, at the very least.


Comparing White as a fielder to Maxwell.
Uh huh.


you’re looking at the wrong year’s results.

SMarsh was the leading scorer this year over Maddinson and Khawaja.

White 199 @ 49: not bad, but a fair way from the top of the runs.


Pretty clearly there is a major issue between Smith and Maxwell and his non selection is going to further that discussion. I’m not sure there’s a short-term return to the Australian team except in the T20 arena. It’s going to be pretty frosty between the two.


Bring back Australia A.


Still got my Australia A top…


It was obvious Maxwell would not be considered. For whatever reason he’s out of favor and it’s difficult to come back from there. Ask Dean Jones.


My comment was in response to your “whole two weeks” comment about the BBL. He’s played 5 BBL innings that you were insinuating is an insignificant portion.
I am saying that you are being a tad hypocritical when you keep bringing up his Shield form. He played well in what, 3 matches? You can’t have it both ways.


Was merely stating White is a fine fielder himself, not that Maxwell wasn’t. He’s great at it.


You, wob, and Speedy were saying he was not picked based on domestic form
I pointed out he’s the leading run scorer in Shield this year.
At that point BBL had only just started, (2 or 3 weeks in), and he missed out on runs in the first 2.
The 5 innings is entirely your story.


White has good hands, Maxwell is one of the best in the country.


And the world.


Everyone knows my thoughts on Maxwell but even I think he is a touch stiff. Just remember though there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than is leaked to the media. Rub the right people the wrong way and it’s a long way back


I must have missed this. But I’m assuming be the rest of the post that you’re not a fan


Not sure Smith commenting on Maxwell’s unconventional batting the other day makes sense seeming as Smith himself bats like a nutcase. If it works, it works.


Khawaja is in some form!


I’ve been one of his biggest critics but I do believe he should be atleast in the squad of the current ODI side. If there is even a hint of truth to some of the stories I’ve heard then it’s hardly surprising he isn’t playing though