Cricket Part II


Having a go at the coach/CEO?


He didn’t, he spoke against the coach and CEO.

He is also a hypocrite who still tries to claim his sides didn’t sledge, despite a number of old WI players saying they most certainly did.


The nerve.


Ian Chappell is spot on with what he said

Smith did talk before the series about targeting Rabada. Well maybe now SA will start targeting warner and try and get him suspended by pushing his buttons.

You can’t go on about head butting the line and being aggressive etc and then complain when someone does the same.

The worst part of all is people should be focusing on how well Australia played in the first match and the quality of their cricket,yet that has barely been mentioned


Warner would have spent the entire day giving it to him and either pushing up to or crossing the line, and then acts like a peanut when he copped something back.


On this point I believe this is exactly why the footage was made public in South Africa. It served two purposes - it pushed Warner’s buttons as a key player and it also took the focus away from how good Australia was and how relatively poor South Africa were. Also has heated up the series.


The whole point that was missed was the way warner went on like a total farkwit that is when he run they guy out…seriously they way some of them go on is beyond belief…

As for warner im surprised sonny bill hasn’t rang him in support lol


I’m with you. Know your place Chappell, it’s Michael Clarke’s role to slag the Aussies, not yours


I think theres a big difference that people are missing, either on purpose of being naive.
To say oh warner sledged him so he should just cop it back blah blah.
If he hasnt mentioned any other players wives or that , then others have no right to mention his.

I donno if what he or any aussie has said has come out, but therrs a big differencr between sledging a person and sledging a players misses, or kids etc.

While not nice im not against it as a sledge persay, but on as a retaliation to an equally bad sledge , not just a oh we got in my head and won so ill just bag his missus.

  1. Sledge to get a reaction.
  2. Get a reaction.
  3. Complain.
  4. Profit?


Maybe they can show the footage on an oled tv. Everybody wins


turn it into a tv show: My Sledge Rules

10 couples sledge each other off during a cricket match.


Now THAT is a reality show I would watch


deKock: I am not a big fan of the LG OLEDS

Warner: You ■■■■■■ wot mate!?


He looks the type of bloke that suffers from small man syndrome.

I’m sure we all have stories of lippy little blokes in pubs that are half cut & don’t know when to shut up.


Ross Taylor has found a pretty rich vein of form. Giving the Poms a little touch up right now despite us looking done for not long ago.


Mooen Ali once again invaluable with his contribution of 3 runs, and 8 wickletless overs of non-spin at an economy rate of 6.5.


That’s looking interesting: NZ 34 runs off 30 balls, 6 wickets in hand.


Up until today he has been pretty good in this series. Taylor has batted superbly today. Can’t believe we had them 2-2 and could very well let this slip


and NZ win with a 6. Three balls to spare.