Cricket Part II


Well done to nz. Played extremely well in the 2nd half of our innings, then Taylor played brilliantly with the bat i when he got his chance


the ICC laid the charge of “dropping the ball near another player”.

Could have killed him*

*if it wasn’t a cricket ball
*and it was an anvil
*and it was actually on him, not near him
*and we’re living in a complete fantasy world


For all the “ifs”… was a sh*t thing to do and a terrible look


Last one was mega bloated, felt like it lasted 3 months. And honestly the mega uncompetitive teams - Scotland, Afghanistan, UAE, England - made no real contribution to the comp, other than the sides that got to play them got a blowout to their net run rate, the sides that got washed out missed out.

Got no problems with tightening it up.


It was snarky - I just don’t know why I’m meant to care. They spend 6 hours a day, for 5 days, trying to knock each other’s limbs off with the ball: then someone drops it near another guy, in a dead ball situation, and it’s an incident?

I’ve played (park) cricket for almost 15 years. I’d be embarrassed to go to an umpire about that.

If this happened between overs, not directly after an Allan Donald homage, no way known this becomes a thing.


England… :joy:


By that logic you could probably cut 20 good teams from the world cup 32.


They’re not that funny, Ireland only just pipped them as being the best side from the entirety of the British isles.


At the end of the day, CA supports the players behaviour onfield. Enough said.

And the umpires should show authority to stop personal sledging.


I think it’s funny that they played badly enough to be worthy of mention in that statement


Don’t think that holds up, probably 100 countries would count soccer as a favoured sport; but (counting the Windies as one) about 6 would put cricket.
Rugby Union has the same thing at world cup time, there’s NZ, then about 4-5 other countries, and then however many also-rans you want to invite.
It’s always a balance of giving smaller/newer/less fortunate nations a sporting shot, and watching Namibia lose by 4000. The prior cricket world cup didn’t quite get it right. I thought, anyway; and I reckon this thread was largely leaning that way.


That and the efforts of Dale Steyn in the knockout round vs the Kiwis have absolutely stuck with me. Takes a while to live down that sort of effort.


Do yourself a favour, pal, and ignore any post I ever post EVER. PLEASE!!




Seriously Pal, do you hang out here to ■■■■ people off or what. I can’t block you AGAIN, unfortunately, but I promise never to respond to your bile again.
Over to you for the last word.


Well I just can’t actually believe anyone’s upset by a person they don’t know dropping a fairly small object right next to another person they don’t know. You can get as upset as you want about that. It’s just not credible.

Report my post/s to the mods if you really are upset.




And there it is…

Obviously calling him a sook after a heap of constant verbals. And in the end DK fired back with something he knew would hit the mark

IMO game done for day, whats it going to achieve now with zero balls to be bowled. We smashed them in that session. Just get off the field and shut the fark up Warner


I’m confused…
Is that not the sort of thing that’s said all the time?
Am I supposed to be going tsk tsk tsk if Anderson calls Marsh a ■■■■■■■ sook?

What even is this?

And nor am I following the arc here.
What…’you’re a ■■■■■■■ sook.’
‘Oh yeah? Well your wife…’

I need some help here.


Australia are terrible bully boys when they win, and bad losers when they lose, and the fact they only sledge when they are winning and/or losing is proof of this.
It’s not hard to understand.