Cricket Part II


Warner losing his nut like that is pretty similar to McGrath many years back with Sarwan(?). Pretty sure it was a wife comment then too.

If you needle someone long enough they will eventually shoot back.


I swear that these ex-players have incredibly short memories and rose coloured historical glasses. What are the old “good” manners he is referring to? All I know was when Kerry was playing the good manners were worse than what gets said now. And Lillee and Thomson were just as good at a send off as anyone today is.

I will say that the Aussies need to change their behaviour, that is not in question for me. They are one of the worst at being involved in ugly spats (even though RSA lead the way in demerit points for bad behaviour).

"I think the day is close that a red card will be justified. People will be sent off because cricket has to regain its manners, it’s now an ill-mannered game and unfortunately we are at the forefront of that. Our manners on the field are terrible.

"Rather than just accept it was a great bit of fielding, David Warner just attacked Markram thinking he’d get under his skin.

“We’ve got to rediscover our manners.”


Also from Ian Chappell “Botham is a ■■■■” and “Piers Morgan, you’re a ■■■■■■■■”.

Great manners.


Which of course has nothing to do with sledging, just you having a go at Chapell.


God-damn cricket writers are full of ■■■■.

If Warney can keep the dressing room incident to himself for fifteen years, then this newbie can cop ‘you’re a ■■■■■■■ sook.’

Tell you what, say the same thing about my wife…if there’s an empty pot near me you’ll be picking bits of glass out of your face for a week.


I’m quoting him verbatim.


I know. But they are off field opinions not on field sledges. Very different things.


And very true.


But they are irrelevant comments in a discussion about sledging.


Different context, still boils down to being rude.


You can’t be rude to Ian Botham or Piers Morgan. Doesn’t fall within the definition of ‘rude’.


I actually just really don’t get it. In no way do I endorse any comments about players wives etc, but aren’t kids taught to just ignore those kinds of comments basically their whole lives?

What makes a supposed professional athlete take those comments to heart? Like, surely on top of the physical training to be a world class athlete there’s also mental / emotional assistance and training.

Just pathetic all round.

If only there was a way that these people could be placed in some kind of event or contest which allowed them to prove who is better…:thinking:


Perhaps it’s a cultural thing.
Like a clip behind the ear is nothing to an AFL player and an ankle tap is nothing to an NRL player.

I’m being kind.
I really think I am.

And…I also think I’m being sucked in.

You know what, this is complete bullshit.
Warner called a batsman a ■■■■■■■ sook.
Noob called Warner’s wife a ■■■■.
These things are not comparable.


They’re comparable due to the fact that they are both quite pathetic if you think about it.

I mean seriously, calling someone a sook? Ffs, grow up. Here’s a thought, how about you fking morons do what you are paid to do and play cricket well enough to beat the other team without childish insulting of each other?

In this day and age of mental illness awareness and all the struggles we see professional athletes having, on top of the bullying epidemic that leads to so many youth suicides it amazes me that professional athletes need to call each other names.

It’s pathetic, and one day soon it will lead to the suicide of a player before they realise just how fking hypocritical they all are.


Sorry, don’t agree.
Like I said, maybe it’s a cultural thing.
Maybe it’s an age thing.
Maybe it’s just a personal thing.

When I played footy I used to laugh at mum sledges.
‘You don’t know my mum. And if you did you’d be asking for her sausage rolls. Please.’

I think the moment you talk about a man’s wife or child, though…look, you don’t know what you’re going to get back.
It might be nothing.
It might be a whole friggin’ lot.

But if you make the call to go there, you don’t ■■■■■ if it’s a whole friggin’ lot.
That’s the risk you take.

And you certainly don’t go…‘Oh, but he called me a sook!’



Well if the sledging has done nothing else it has achieved one thing - welcome back to posting @reboot


Is your argument here really that sledging wasn’t something Chappelli ever did? That every quotable sledge from Marsh, from Lillee, from Chappelli himself is just made up? I can’t really stand I Chappell, and stuff like this is exactly why.

The only problem here is that we’re hearing aboot it; and we’re only hearing about it because the South Africans copped a beating on the field.


I do agree with you Vince.

But today’s society encourages anyone “vilified” to become a whistle-blower and out the perpetrator. The old adage of “sticks & stones”, is no longer acceptable.

Now the sad part of this is that, you can call me anything you like and even if untrue, I don’t give a fark. But call many younger people today names, even in jest, can land you in court. For me it has never been the names, but the actions afterwards that are the issue.

And I challenge anyone to call any of my ex-Wives any worse names than I have. The current Mrs Fox can also handle herself exceedingly well when it comes to massive retribution.


Renshaw with his 3rd ton in as many Shield games. Keeping Bancroft honest at a bare minimum.


WA off to a disastrous start chasing 300 odd v Queensland

I started watching less than 10 minutes ago as Philippe got caught at slip to make it 1-13
Since then, Wells 2, Short 7 and Stoinis 0 all out…all caught in the cordon or by the keeper.