Cricket Part II


Yeah, giving the same answer to nearly all questions.


lol refuses to answer the question twice whether he has ball tampered before. not a good look.


Not giving much away is he


Seemed determined not to drop anyone else in it, … nor accept or confirm any inference as to whether he was the instigator or not.


What were Warner and CA thinking.

That press conference was always going to end like that. Warner has shown in the past that he is not a good speaker, the media and the public don’t like him. He was on a hiding to nothing.

He would have been better to release a statement to the media and not do a press conference.


He did say he would take questions.
Probably should of added I won’t answer them though.


None of those guys will ever admit their level of involvement to the public. It is a commercial risk, but they may also challenge the length of bans so there is no need to prejudice that. I think Bancroft and Smith have a reasonable chance of reducing their length of ban. Warner not so much. I agree with the ACA, the charge sheet (and evidence) is all over the place.


Has a presser ,doesn’t answer any questions. Coward to the end


Lol CA media and press team has been a joke throughout this whole ordeal


He could of just been honest.

Honesty cuts through most things no matter how badly it’s delivered.


I feel for Warner here; he’s being set up as the villain, and maybe he very well is, or maybe it’s he same way in which Hird was. Either way he’s screwed.

Papers need the story to keep going and the best way to do that is with both a villain and also ongoing sympathy for the now victims (Smith and Bancroft). It’s the same MO every time!


Something like, “… it’s been going on for years in all teams, … this one with the sandpaper was my idea yes”…??

And…" Of course everyone on the team knew, … do you think the Bowlers would be unaware of what was happening to the ball they’re using??"


How do you know that’s the truth?

Smith spoke truthfully and genuinely and has won back the fans.

Warner just repeated the same

But keep carrying if you need to.


That would of been fabulous, only coz every media person would of had a coronary. :grinning:

(I haven’t seen the presser yet)


haven’t seen any of the pressers, don’t really care to, the over reaction is just downright pathetic.

All i’ll say on warner however, just remember this the next time you see how here someone slagging off Hird or essendon over the drug ■■■■.

no matter what one says or does, if people don’t like you, they aren’t going to believe you or like what you do, no matter what.

the general consensus on this site for awhile now is dislike for warner, so he could literally spend the rest of his life saving babies from war torn countries, and the people in here or in general who don’t like him, will continue to not like him.


Something I think is being…not missed, but downplayed through all this, is the way the media has been used as a weapon during this series.
And on that, not sure how quite to say this, but Australia did exactly the same thing to England when they toured here.
I guess I didn’t really see how destructive it is until Australia were on the end of it.

There have been a lot of self-justifying articles written over this series, one of which actually said ‘see how exciting we’ve made this series?’

I’m not sure if I have an actual point here.
The media aren’t going to stop.
I guess it’s cricket teams shouldn’t use the media to break teams.
Which sounds kinda lame…


Lehmann - tears, Smith - tears, and now Warner - tears

Do these guys all take advice from the same spin doctor?


You have hit the nail on the head wim. The Australian media did the exact same thing to England during the ashes. Hell even Candice warner had a pop at Ben Stokes before the series.

There is zero sympathy from me now that the shoe has been on the other foot both in SA and now back in Australia.


Just on actual cricket for a moment, these constant lower leg/ foot injuries to Starc must be a massive worry. All bowlers put heaps of pressure on their front leg, but Starcs action seems particularly "heavy"through the crease.


Yeah, I’m going a bit further than that.
I’m saying the host nations actually worked with their media.