Cricket Part II


Or maybe they are hurting and tears are natural to hurting people? Not everyone is a cold fish.


Because CA are poor managers and lack courage and conviction - And because the PUBLIC demand everything is their business.


I will go into bat for Warner here.
It was good presser for someone who is going to appeal (which he didn’t say but it is obvious by what he said that is what he going to do IMO).

Say you’re sorry then say nothing else that will prejudice or inform the appeals board (CAS) of what his line of appeal would be.

I thought people would have learnt from our saga that you are better off playing with a straight bat and letting proceedings take place. He will have his say one day but this is far from over


Agree but don’t ask for questions if you have no intention of answering them.


What Warner was scripted to say and what he might have wanted to say:
CA intervention has brought down three cricketers, a coach and their families. Where was the CA intervention when my family was being denigrated on and off the field?


Great journalism from the Supersport team. They got a tip from inside the SAF camp and broke the biggest cricket story since Bodyline. I have no problem with what they did, it’s their job.


England bowled out for 307 in Christchurch earlier today and would have been feeling rather chipper when they had the Kiwis 5/36 in reply, but de Grandhomme (72*) and Watling (76*) have put together a great partnership to have NZ at 4/178 nearing stumps on Day 2.


And as soon as I post that Broad (4/33) gets de Grandhomme.


That’s one way of looking at it.


Damn good recovery to get from 5/36 to 4/178!


Yes… miraculous, even. :grinning:

I’m so sick of my fat thumb.


Was someone pulling a rip cord at the back of his jacket?


I was watching the final of the eNG/AUS/IND triangular T20 women’s before (hey, Collingwood were playing)…Australia had made 209 in the 20 overs (Lanning 86*) thanks to some putrid English fielding.

England needed 70 in 14 balls when the Pom and curry commentators finally conceded the nail in the coffin.

Optimists. considering they were only scoring 8-10 runs an over.


Conn of CA, who stage-managed the media show, shut down the questions, but Warner gets the blame by all the media, including by those who were there.


Funny I could have sworn I saw Davey’s lips moving on those stonewalling answers


There is history between Conn and Warner - Conn would have been the last person Warner wanted to run that show.


Pity some are so stubborn they deny facts given by a poster - Yet another presser and yet more wasted time - And the hypocrisy of the public who demand a presser, then feel sorry/guilty after players are distressed - Current society is a disgrace.


Getting ground into the dust now. This will happen a lot now for the next 12 months +.


5-fa for Cummins. Love this bloke.

Hazelwood is out of form, which makes things awkward. Bowling ok but not getting wickets.

I don’t think our bowlers are the worry over the next few tours (injuries permitting).

The batting line-up is highly fluid though. I’m not sure a single one is an absolute definite for the side in 18 months. Opportunities abound for them all though.


We are in so much trouble…

Starting the rain dance!