Cricket Part II



Both openers gone.


And Handscomb first ball.


What gets me about the whole issue , someone can smash the glass door in a jewellery store, terrify the staff with machetes and steel pipes , cause thousands of dollars damage, get caught ,let out on bail, rinse and repeat . Scuff a cricket ball and you get fined $2 million or more ,banned for a year ,splashed over every form of media known to Christendom and reviled by all. FCS it was just a game. Biggest scandal since Dad pocketed the Go to jail card when we last played Monopoly.


Candice Warner accepted more responsibility than her husband. Not sure the world needed a press conference from her.


Sheesh. When I went to bed, Usman was closing in on 50. Wake up and the middle order has vapourised. Again. I know that for several obvious reasons this is not a typical Test match, but we see this regularly anyway. Mitch Marsh is not the answer at #6 in most situations, but it’s not just him. The whole batting line-up is fragile even on a good day and heavily protected by Smith’s incredible two years.


When Smithless our batting is woeful. The bowling is also overrated as what we have is a group of fast bowlers who are excellent playing at home; but that’s only 50% of the time.

If we get rid of the ridiculous over-the-top sledging then something good will have come out of this. But the public and CA will tire very quickly of a nice Aussie team that loses - and we will have some more heavy losses given the best 50% of a fragile batting lineup has been suspended.

Nothing will change in world cricket as this is the ideal time to lay bare the box of tricks that are used to make the ball reverse but nobody appears willing to have the discussion and to change the culture of going beyond the rules in more subtle ways.

I don’t know if others noticed but there was a celebration of sledging in the print media over the summer, before and during the Ashes. They were celebrating funny and incisive sledging, but it was still tacit reinforcement of the mental disintegration tactic.

I just wish a journalist would get hold of the ball tampering issue and expose it for what it is.


I’ve got a sneaking suspicion our quicks are going to be considerably less effective going forward compared to what they have been over the last few years, mainly as a result of considerably less reverse swing.


I agree PB and after the hysteria is forgotten and we incur some more heavy defeats we will naturally default back to whatever is standard practice among the top cricketing nations, with the authorities assuring us that teams are playing within the spirit of cricket.


I thought it was established that sandpapering the ball does nothing to help reverse swing, and that the intent was to get a new ball?


Seems really odd.

Like she’s taken the blame over the SBW thing & opposition/fans getting into Warner to then be feeling so much pressure to win that he resorted to instigating sandpapering the ball.

If Warner wasn’t such a mouthy [email protected] onfield he’d have never have been copping it back in the manner it ended up. Not her fault at all.


They have Roxy Jacenko guiding them. Safe to assume that everything is choreographed. Her accepting the blame will be part of the plan.


I reckon this will be Cook’s last series. He’s done.

England in a dominant position against the Kiwis, they are 125 in front with 9 wickets still in the shed.


I must say I was a bit surprised when I heard Steve Waugh get on his high horse and condemn the players for not playing in the ‘spirit of the game’.
The teams he led knew all about mental disintegration and sledging. He led the pack.


Why should you be surprised when society abounds with hypocrisy - After all the Commonwealth Bank dropped their sponsorship with either Smith or Warner, the same organisation that’s been investigated for cheating customers.


Cook has been garbage for years. He made 3/4 of his runs for the Ashes in one dig, in a dead rubber. Made 80 runs in 6 digs whilst the series was alive. Walking wicket.


As for Sanitarium’s moral outrage in dropping its wheatbix sponsorship. It has income tax exempt status as a charity owned by the Seventh Day Aventists. Same mob going round the suburbs purporting to do community health surveys, but pushing books of its own version of nutrition and health cures.


I was surprised because I thought he might have more sense than to open his mouth in that manner, perhaps in the belief that people have forgotten his role in this area.
Trying to re-write history with a bit of spin.


Ian Chappell also getting on his high horse re sledging. His teams were well known for giving verbals, and given the standards back in the 1970s you can imagine the lines they crossed back then.


Mmmm interesting. I remember thinking at the time why the ■■■■ has he got sooo much tape on his fingers?, It looks totally ridiculous. I played myself for many years, and never seen that much tape on someone’s fingers.
Now, when you think about it.
1: if your fingers are sooo sore you need so much bandages how are you fielding in covers?
Then, 2: do you go from there to another position that puts your hands in even more danger of being injured? The slips?? No way. No wonder the the SA were suss


Have to agree. He has been a magnificent player for us for a long long time. But time catches up with everyone. His biggest strength was his work off his pads, now it’s turned into a major weakness. Played one of the greatest series I have seen from someone in the Ashes in 2010/2011

I would have no problem with him getting a farewell game back home- he deserves that, but it’s time to look for fresh blood at the top.