Cricket Part II


Taping fingers in cricket does ■■■■ all unless for split web, or sometimes you might have a crack in a finger and taping it to the next finger helps because it acts like a splint.
Putting big lumps of tape on the end of each finger, if you were that sore , you’d either not be playing , it at the very least you’d not be fielding in the number one hotspot like slips or cover. It’s completely suss


It’s not lumps of tape, he has thermoplastic protection which he is holding on with tape. I know because I broke my little finger this season, had 2 pins inserted and when I came back I had the same stuff, which I had to hold on with tape. Not pleasant I can tell you…


If you got hit on the same end of that finger it would not help much. Especially fielding where he was. It’s very suss. I have never seen a person with that degree of taping ever field in cover or slips.


Yes it does. I pretty much snapped my finger up near the first knuckle and have about 50% range of movement in that joint now. Pretty much have a feeling of pins and needles now. Anything that helps you feel more confident you will use to protect yourself. Especially at the highest level when the ball is travelling so fast. It would not surprise me if Warner was using sandpaper himself, as he didn’t deny it when asked the question during his press conference. But tape would do absolutely nothing to alter the condition of the ball.


Cummins posts his maiden Test 50, then gets out shortly after. lbw to Maharaj via DRS. 7/196, Paine nearing his half-century on 46. Was a fine 7th wicket stand.


Paine has a hairline fracture in the thumb. Could have had his 50, opted not to take the run to farm the strike, then got stuck at the other end. Hopefully Hazelwood can hang on.


A six to bring up his half century.

Well played, skipper.


Lucky Hanscomb is in the team should we need him to take the gloves.

All out 221. Paine our to a blinder of a catch. SAf to bat again.


All out 221, Paine the last out on 62 to a good catch. Cummins the only significant contribution with a 50.

SA batting again with a 267 run lead.


So why wasn’t Maxwell in?




Well done Cummins and Paine. Showed a bit of fight.


Thinks its pretty fair to say we should have probably scratched the rest of the series.


No way , sorry


Well done Australia on the day’s play. We broke even, but SA still clearly in the ascendency overall. Paine leading the way with the bat and overcoming the difficulty with an injured thumb.


It was a joke.


Lyon bowled some absolute jaffa’s and on another day could easily have had 3 or 4 wickets.

As is the way with cricket, when things aren’t quite going your way, nothing at all seems to go your way.

We’re miles behind in the game, but I think we were very good on day 3 without much luck.

I am curious as to why Paine didn’t give M Marsh a bowl though.


Maybe his groin is still not quite right.


How has Lyon been so successful without an arm ball?


We should bowl underarm