Cricket Part II


Agree Tezza as that would rough the ball up quickly and we wouldn’t have to use sandpaper.


Maybe all the players should wear Davey Warner finger tape and write his name, Smith’s and Bancroft’s name on it as a sign of solidarity


So it’s half time at the footy and player X is suggesting to his teammate that they tackle the opposition players so hard - within or outside the rules which would lead to a suspension - the opposition team will be a player or 2 short.

The captain walks in on the conversation and says -
what are you guys plotting…
we’re going to tackle the opposition so hard…
ahh don’t worry I don’t want to know.

I don’t think the captain is considered responsible and he doesn’t get banned for 12 months or lose $4m. This hypothetical is more serious than what happened in the cricket and it seems like what brererton & JBrown used to do regularly.

It’s just sport so why the different standards?


NZ have been set 381 to win. I have a feeling we’re going to see a thriller.


There would need to be something as serious as match fixing for players in other sports to get penalties as severe as applied to Warner, Smith and Bancroft. That is where CA have erred and you would hope there is a fair process for them to get these reduced. The ICC penalties make it very clear that ball tampering is significantly less than offences that warrant a 12 month ban. Failing to fully investigate during a test which Smith was guilty of, doesn’t even appear to be a specific offence. Looks like CA have just made something up under their catch-all clause.
This looks very much like CA falling over to appease the angry mob which suggests their version of justice belongs in ancient Rome.


NZ can’t win. It’s a draw or England win


Yeah, and I reckon it will go deep into Day 5.


Why are SAF still batting. Faf puffing up his stats to cover up a dud series.


Top catch by Handscomb to dismiss Faf.

I think SA are just making absolutely sure there is no way Aus can win the game. That way even if they draw the game SA still win the series.

Pretty sure Morkel is out for the rest of the game too with an injury

They are probably enjoying grinding Australia into the dust too considering the spiteful ness of the series


The Aussies haven’t had a 100 run partnership all series. This is overkill and people say Steve Waugh used his captaincy to pad his average.


You gotta hand it to Cummins, he is still digging in and giving it everything. Just picked up De ■■■■ lbw


I think you are doing the justice in Ancient Rome an injustice there. Maybe a better analogy would be the justice meted out by the Spanish Inquisition (queue Monty Python jokes here) or by the Salem witch hunts.


Reminds me more of Stalin’s show trials of the 1930s.


That would be up there as one of the worst umpire decisions I have seen in a long long time. Decisions like that one are precisely why DRS is good for the game




How good were those fields at the end.


England love a 5-0 result. This time it’s their cumulative series results in Aus/NZ.


Fair effort by NZ.
Type of thing I dream that we will do in SA. Alas, no Slasher McKay or Lindsay Kline to guide us through.
Poms will be glad to get home after such a long tour down south. October to the start of April. That’s a fair old stretch.


Resistance is Futile

Marsh brothers gone within 4 deliveries of each other


This top 6 would have to be one of the weakest we have fielded since the mid 80s and even then we had a champion in Border. Such a sad end to what promised to be a great series. It will certainly be memorable but for the wrong reasons.