Cricket Part II


Worst Australian Test XI in my cricket watching life (although I started at the dawn of McGrath/Warne so it’s not saying much).

If they don’t reneg on the Smith (at least) suspension, Paine will have a K Hughes type legacy.


He should get another few months punitive damage added for inappropriate ■■■■■ use of a jumper


I’m hoping we can sandpaper down those results so nobody notices


It’s just good that the sub-human gutter scum who spent 4 years destroying the Hird’s lives have some new quarry to hound into suicide


Should ask Atherton if he can get the dirt on the issue …


Better get used to this for the next 12 months. We might as well blood some youngsters and see if they can cut it. Keep persisting with Renshaw and take a punt on a few young kids.


Wont be 12 months.

Was never really going to be.


you can’t sandpaper dirt can you? I know 3 guys who would probably be up to the task if needed…


Fking debacle. Vernon has taken 5 for 3 this morning.


Make that 6.


is there an ODI series after the tests or is this the end of the tour


Wow this is totally embarrassing.

Could be worse though we could “suck” like England and then live in denial.


Don’t care what the situation, this is totally unacceptable this morning.


lol, it would have to get a whole lot worse for Australia, before they travel as bad as England. Hell, we are worse playing away from home than Essendon.


i’m at work, is it good bowling or poor batting?


Wouldn’t go that far. You have won in Australia this century!


it will be another century before we win over here again.


This is utterly pathetic, beyond pathetic. It’s been 6/19 this morning. May as well have just thrown in the towel.


Surely the terms of reference for the cultural review needs to include understanding how a team representating Australia could be so lacking in fight. Fair enough talent wise this team doesn’t stack up with South Africa but even in the circumstances they just had to show some heart and dig in to show we aren’t just front runners.


Don’t know why SA batted this long. Could have declared earlier yesterday and have today off.