Cricket Part II


We were probably done before sandpapergate but that whole circus has knocked the stuffing out of this team. Today really isn’t much of a surprise.




Hazelwood and Lyon to bring it home Sodhi-Wagner style!


As if there wasn’t already enough ignominy, we finish the series with Bancroft being our top run scorer


Screw that, only 494 runs to win!


Annnnnnnd we lose


A 494 rum walloping. The mother of all thumpings.

What a very sad tour for the Australian cricket team. :frowning:




So lose with dignity and be good blokes or win and be ruthless carnts that are hated.
Hmmm I’ll take option 2 every day of the week thanks


Reckon Australia will be less competitive than Essendon 2016 in the next 12 months…


I’m not sure losing by 492 runs has any dignity to it


i think this one should have an asterisk though.

*we played nicely.


Was thinking more going forward.
I want them playing on the edge, giving some niggle but most importantly winning. I don’t want to see s bunch of choir boys getting flogged test after test


I’ve been watching Paine closely and have my doubts about his ability to keep when up at the stumps - My guess is there must be a better keeper in the country - And Paine is captain.


Are you referring to when he is up to Lyon or Sayers? Most judges of wicketkeepers rate him the standout gloveman in the country.


Yes - And I am also referring to the Ashes - Reckon he’s missed 4 or 5 chances in this scenario.


I don’t think keeping up to the stumps to quicks is particularly profitable in red ball cricket.

Apart from the issue of deflections being harder to catch, it blocks the view of the first slip.


Pro tem. For the time being…


I would prefer the ruthlessness to be in the form of steely concentration, relentless line and length, effort and resolve in the field , not name calling and dirty looks


Name calling? No, we don’t need that. But I don’t mind Starc etc. giving the batsmen tips about technique and other helpful hints to make their game better.