Cricket Part II


They never should have done that. Our players will be furious. Playing countries like Bangladesh and Kenya is the time honoured Indian technique for giving average players outstanding averages. Our boys have missed out yet again.


So the typical Australian Summer?


Just cancel all test matches till Smith returns!


Australia and the bigger nations need to pay back the game by playing against the smaller nations. It’s a shocking decision by CA.


Yep, only cancelled because corporate/broadcast dollars were not going to be forthcoming.


I’ll borrow an old Gideon Haigh quote here :

“Does cricket make money to exist, or does it exist to make money?”


Pfft, exists to make money of course


Ponting has signed a multmillion-dollar dollar deal to join 7.


Michael Vaughan will be joining FS to partner Gilchrist.


Vaughan’s good. They need to make sure someone gets the English woman…is it Alison Mitchell?





mel and lisa would be good gets as both talk sense instead instead of ch9 drivel


Ireland are a rough chance of pulling off a win in their first ever Test. Pakistan’s most recent fourth-innings chases are 248, 114 and 81.


Is this a 4-dayer because the follow-on mark for tests is 200 (5 days).


Pakistan will clean up with the bookies though. Odds on this happening would be rather long.


Was a 5 day test but with the entire first day washed out it reverted to 4 days. As a result the follow on was reduced to 150.



So what I got from that article is that CA doesn’t understand the rules and couldn’t answer anyone’s questions. Therefore the state league took it upon themselves to make a decision.

I am shocked…


Pakistan currently 3/36 chasing down 160 to win against Ireland.


They are considering tossing the toss