Cricket Part II


It’s been a bad 2018 for tossers. Dave Warner suspended and now this.


This has got to come in.


awful idea. No just no


Really? I’m with Noonan


Might make the Poms think about rolling out greentops if they know they have to bat first on them.


doubt it, they will still produce greentops. Just think its a dumb idea. its gone from being slightly in favour of the home team(providing you win the coin toss) to giving the visiting team a massive advantage.

It will just make home teams doctor the pitches even more to get an advantage


How is it a massive advantage to the away team unless the pitch is unfair to a team batting first or last?

And how can the home team doctor the pitch to favour themselves if they don’t know when they’ll be batting?

It should encourage the home team to produce fairer pitches that provide an even contest between bat and ball for the duration of the match


Got no problems with doing away with the toss but I don’t want to see pitch doctoring taken out of the game. I want to see a variety of pitches that make it hard for opposition sides. Last thing we want is uniform pitches, may aswell play on concrete and matting


it should but it won’t. India will just produce even dustier turning pitches that will be full of cracks by the start of day 1. England will just produce even grassier greentops. They will find a way.


Test toss off?
So who tosses off?
And is it in private or on the ground.


I think it use to happen in the channel 9 commentary box…oh you meant the coin toss


Psst, Ian you’re on!


Michael Clarke wouldn’t even need to use his hands. Pretty happy with himself, Michael.


The great AB Devilliers has announced his retirement from all forms of cricket.

Where does he rate amongst the modern greats?


Kohli and Devilliers are a level down.

Poor old Kallis.
Oh, oh, Tendulkar has 51 tons!
Well…you know…Kallis has 45.
And he’s taken 292 wickets.


Lara, tendulkar, kallis and Ponting are unmatched (well, it’s them 4 then the rest)

Smith, kohli and devilliers next (ABD better than them 2 at the moment)


Yeah Kallis is definitely up there also.
That wasn’t my list in order. Just a few off the top of my head


The knock on Kallis was that he batted too slowly to the detriment of his team in certain instances.

But 45 tons, 290 wickets and aboutaa trillion catches in the slips, yeah he gets picked in every world XI


Devilliers is below Hayden.

And I have Smith above Hayden and Kholi, begrudingly, about equal.

Devilliers isn’t in the top tier conversation.
Kholi and Smith either are or will be.


Geez, Ponting played too long/batted at 3 too long.
Should have spent his last three years at six.
If not longer.