Cricket Part II


Agree with this.


Why isn’t De Villiers?
Are we just talking tests?
His ODI record is phenomenal


Fair enough. I’m not a huge DeVilliers fan, but I think he is as good as Hayden was if not better.

Would like to see Smith do it for a couple more years though.

You bring up a good point about batting at number 6. But he has a great record at batting 4 and 5 as well.


I’m just talking Tests.
I don’t think the two games should be compared.
Hi, Bevan, hi.


Fair call. I can’t argue with any of that then


I’m not saying Devilliers record is pumped up by where he batted.
His record stands, and it’s a pretty good one.

I’m saying Ponting’s record was smashed by his last five years.
He went from a tick under 60, which is elite-elite, to low 50s.
He could have improved his average/number of tons if he’d been placed sensibly.


Yep, agreed. Now we remember how great he was, but will they in 20 years when they just see his average around the 50 mark


In pure tests i would go:

5.AB Devilliers

Kohli and Smith haven’t retired yet, so its hard to put them in. If Kohli keeps on going the way he is, and Smith gets back to his form after the suspension they would both go top 5. Kohli could very well edge out Ponting by the time his career is done.

Laxmen doesn’t get the credit he deserves for mine. Great batsmen.


Below Hayden easily??

Geez that’s a massive statement. Not many scribes would agree with you there.
Hayden was great, but De Villiers in full flight was untouchable.
Played test shots like he was playing T20


And Hayden destroyed opening bowlers.


I wouldn’t have Tendulkar up the top. Too many runs against minnows, although he did have some good performances here.

And Laxman was so inconsistent that I wouldn’t have him in my top 20.


Yep Laxman is miles off. I reckon we’ve had 10 bats better than him in the last 20 years


Laxman played one of the best shots I’ve ever seen against Warne. I hold him in high regard.


XI of players I’ve seen (started taking an interest in cricket in 1998)

de Villiers


Poms against Pakistan at Lords.

Poms 3-68 with Cook on 45 and Bairstow 7

Stoneman, Root and Malan out cheaply (6 or less)


Tendulkar and AB before Ponting? Interesting


Wasn’t an easy choice.

Tendulkar is technically the best batsman I’ve seen, and I love how de Villiers plays the game. He can bat in any situation, in any format, and dominate.

Punter was very hard to leave out. Probably the hardest.


Cook looks as good as he has in a long time.

Probably since that concrete slab 200 in late December last year.


Pretty good 11. Who would be captain?


Pakistan with a duke ball in England can be just lethal. Or top order hasn’t been very good for a long time