Cricket Part II


Going left field, Warne. Best cricket brain of any of them, if you ignore his off-field stuff.


A NEW documentary will air allegations that match fixers corrupted a groundsman who helped prepare the pitch for an Australia Test match in Sri Lanka two years ago.

The Australian newspaper has reported that broadcaster Al Jazeera is set to release a documentary airing allegations that the pitch used for the 2016 Test match Australia lost in two and a half days in Galle had been doctored by criminals.


It shows how gutless the ICC are (and also CA) where India can reject a test playing condition (under lights) because of significant disadvantage yet we see a pitch as bad as that and say nothing.


Also Fleming confirmed to move to channel 7 cricket commentary.

And before anyone bags him or some of the channel 9 commentators, have a listen to Darren Sammy and Dean Jones on star sports 1. They are ■■■■■■■ terrible, yes worse than Slater.


Can they please sign some up some non Australian commentators?


What? Like KP?


Dunno. Just want more international opinions as opposed to constant Aussie voices.


Get bumble


They have picked up Vaughn, KP and the female commentator everyone likes.


Anyone from Asia?


Harsha Bhogle would be good but I think he’s on ABC


That female one is a shocker (the one from triple M?) How does anyone like her? Shes the pom version of Slater


Don’t know who it is, I only know the female Aussie comms, haven’t heard the Pom one.


They should get Alison Mitchell who works for BBC test match special. Also did some work on the ABC last year. I actually would like it if she ended up on the ABC full time.


Yep, get Mitchell, Katich, Nannes, get rid of Flemming.
Even grab Whateley, he’s good with the crickets.


Katich and Nannes are awesome, doubt they’ll leave ABC though. I think Michael holding is still doing channel 4 in England, he would be good. Atherton goes alright too.

Bumble and boycott are great. It’s a shame we’ll almost certainly get Brayshaw, just hope the channel 7 bosses get into their ears and tell them to commentate the ■■■■■■ game, not have a chat amongst themselves


I have a feeling the female commentator I’m talking about is currently doing the eng vs Pakistan test series. Maybe it’s just triple M that turn her into a moron.


England looks in strife here against the pakis


Pakistan are a good solid Test team. Haven’t got any batsman you would consider world class but they have some real gritty players who can tough it out. They are a far more reliable team that years gone by.


Interesting the commentators said they are using Duke balls domestically, helps the bowlers hunt also helps the batsmen to learn how to play swing bowling. A change needs to be made in Australia