Cricket Part II


As if!!!

I can’t imagine India or Sri Lanka EVER admitting to doing anything wrong.


I hear Channel 9 copped a lot of flak for using Warner on their commentary team and never attempting to ask him any tough questions.

I’m glad they’re losing the cricket.


You don’t hire someone to work with you and then subject them to a bunch of hard questions, it is not why you hired them.

If they paid him for an interview and then didn’t ask hard questions, then they should cop abuse.


Well, they shouldn’t have hired him then. The wounds are still raw for diehard Australian fans and he is perceived as the main man responsible…being an arsewipe and all. Suppose they’ve got Slater and Clarke, so quite at home.


after initially being worried that 9 was losing cricket, I’m now not that concerned; if anything I’m delighted that the guy behind 10’s coverage is running the show. The shake up Cricket needs methinks. I hope they’re not afraid to run 2 person commentary in tests.

And I don’t know if it rational, but I’m gradually losing respect for Warner


I agree they shouldn’t have hired him.


The current ICC penalty is a massive 5 runs which have already been granted to the WI, plus SL Captain Chandimal could incur 2 points which means a one game suspension.

Hard hitting eh?

Just like fining about AFL player a $1,000 for striking when their wage is $500,000 plus.


It was always going to happen. Media would rather a pound of flesh and some clicks than actually report on something proportionality.

And this is why you should never bow to social media generated outrage used by the media to inflate ratings. You end up being held to a double standard if you apologise; unfortunately those who deny or point fingers tend to ride out the storm more than those who admit fault. (Ala Trump and Republicans)


I am more interested in hearing a critique of Warner’s commentary style. The rest is hot air and an indictment on Australian society.


Defeats in the first two ODIs against England have sent Australia tumbling to a 34-year low in the ICC rankings. They have slipped to sixth place, and will need to win at least one of the three remaining games in the series to climb back above Pakistan to fifth.

According to, the last time Australia found themselves in sixth position was back in January 1984.




I take it as equal 5th given we are on the same points as Pakistan!

Hardly surprising though given we have marginalised 50 over cricket domestically. It’s only a side show at the start of the season. Can’t see us producing better results until they place more emphasis on it.


The only way that’s gonna happen is if the ‘cash cow’ that is the BBL,dies.


The English side is a T20 side essentially, can’t see why we cannot do something similar and make it work?


Wouldn’t there be any room for it between BBL and IPL season. Would certainly make it easier for players with not having to switch back and forth.


We are still stuck playing a similar game to what won for us last time. Solid start, consolidate through the middle and then look to accelerate with wickets in hand; which in my opinion is outdated.

Most teams these days look to attack the opening 10 overs, T20 style batsman capable of scoring a quickfire 50 up front and push their teams towards that 80-100 mark in the PP are a must. Instead we look to ‘get ourselves in’ which often backfires and leaves us with our openers scoring 20-30 runs @80 odd which heaps pressure on our middle order.


The other problem we have is our team is littered with only openers (well four of them anyway). It has messed up the batting order and confused the hell out of them all. We also like to move the order around a bit and that messes with the players as well.

And just for those that might query, an opener in ODI’s is very used to facing fast bowlers and a hard ball to start the innings, most of them cannot handle spin later in the innings with a sifter ball.


All our openers struggle with the swinging new ball too


And how many WC’s has that won them?
People were saying how poor we were leading into the last WC and we won it as per usual. I don’t take much notice of these warm up games. I’d bet next WC we will atleast make the semis


This time we won’t have the home field advantage