Cricket Part II


Yep, played in our own back yard in conditions that suit all our batsmen. The only thing that MIGHT help us is it is in England and not the sub-continent.


We couldn’t even beat them in our own backyard with our full side


When it comes to the World Cup you can’t bet against Australia. Must be in their DNA to perform at the WC.

If Warner and Smith are back in the team by the WC and have a fully fit Starc, Australia should rightly be one of the favorites.

Semi’s will most likely come down to

South Africa always have the talent to win it, but always seem to really struggle under the pressure.


That would involve compromising the Shield. The final is in March.


Couldn’t they just have the shield season start earlier? Say start it in Sept/Oct and do it in one go, not split in two?

Have the final around Xmas - then go into the limited over forms


It already starts in October. They’d probably have to start mid August and that means they wouldn’t play on any of the ‘big’ grounds because of the AFL and the weather would also be a factor.


Couldn’t they go up north. Tailor the northern tropical pitches to replicate Sub-Continental conditions and give our players some experience in dealing with them for the first part of the season?


How many grounds are suitable for FC cricket up north? Are conditions suitable for producing dry, dusty pitches to replicate subcontinental conditions? Don’t we want our youngsters used to the Test venues before they debut?

What you are proposing is very radical!


If we are ever going to win in the sub-continent again then we need radical, out of the box thinking.

He have a luxury no other cricketing country has, an entire continent with an incredibly diverse array of both terrain and climate. If we wanted to we could replicate virtually any conditions global cricket could throw at us, we certainly have the resources to do it.


It’d be a bold move to tailor half our season to suit subcontinental conditions and it would take years for it to bear fruit. I could see it backfiring and would hate us to abandon a lot of our traditions for a series win in India.


Good to see our ODI form is improving.

Win toss and bowl

After 28 Overs England are struggling a bit at 1/237.


Wow we did well there not… England have broken - no smashed - their own world record ODI score of 444 by totalling a massive 6/481 off their 50 overs.


Sweet jesus, what a ■■■■■■■ pasting.All our bowlers were seen to. Tye has the figures of 2/181 from 19 overs on the last two matches. :anguished:


Wow what a score line to wake up to


Jesus just saw this result. Is this what we’ve come to now?

Never understood the Tye selection. He’s not a kid they’re getting games into (like Richardson and Stanlake), he’s 31 and he’s had barely any top level cricket. If you’re going to pick an older guy at least send one with a bit more cricket behind him.


T20 has cranked up ODIs.


that’s embarrassing


Was just about to say this

We’re auditioning a few guys and trying a few different things in a meaningless off-season tour. Who cares?


Exactly. Missing our front line bowling attack and trying new players/positions in the order.
When Boof was coach he made the point several times that the 4 years between WC’s are purely auditions and practice and they were not too fussed about results. Although not deliberately trying to lose games the side would often do some “questionable” things to find out how players coped under different circumstances. I have full confidence we will be around the mark when the WC rolls around


That just shows the format is a waste of time