Cricket Part II


I’ve never really seen it with him tbh. I just find him a bit meh; and not meh in like a ‘Rhino’ Harris kind of way


Cricket Australia are sure pushing the AFL as the dumbest sporting organisation in Australia. They have now decided that the domestic 50 over competition will revert to 6 teams and all of them will make the finals…

Awesome way of putting players under pressure to perform to make finals.


Oh how I long for a return to the halcyon days of seeing who defied the odds and missed the finals when we had 14 teams and a final 8.


So why do they even have finals?
All they are doing is having two seasons, one after the other, and whoever wins season two is king of the sandpit. Just stupid.



1 game ban for Chandimal for ball tampering.

More fool to CA for the ridiculous over the top bans for our players.


Oz 0-66 off 11.2 Head 47 and Finch 18

At least 3 runs per over below par.


Now they’ve gotten themselves in, they need to capitalise in the back end; no point scoring @5.5 then throwing your wicket away as you try to accelerate, which has been our, problem of late.


Aaron Finch opening. Novel concept.


Australia score 310 with centuries to Finch and Marsh but England look like they’ll win this one. Currently, need 91 from 83 with 7 still in the shed


The days are gone where you can afford to have both your openers score @ a run a ball, and then not cash in.

Does anyone know why Maxwell didn’t play, yet we played with 2 keepers?


Injured I believe


I’d be pretty miffed if he was dropped, with Agar at 5 the batting lineup looks mighty thin.


Hamstring issues I believe. He had some issues before the 3rd which didn’t improve.




Ok, he had hamstring tightness before the 3rd though.


That he did.


He hurt his shoulder when he was doing some stretching exercises for his tight hammies


@Alan_Noonan_10 Michael Slater has joined the Seven commentary team. I know you’ll be delighted. :wink:




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