Cricket Part II


Very disappointing but not unexpected.


I will give Slater the benefit of the doubt. When commentating away from the other Channel 9 bozos he can actually be ok. Fingers crossed he recognises this and doesn’t try to replicate his rubish from 9.


I think that is common among most of the 9 commentary team, Taylor and Warne are far more tolerable on broadcasts outside of Australia, Nicolaus is pretty much the same like him loathe him, haven’t heard Healy so can’t comment on him.


7 seem to be building a pretty ■■■■ lineup.
Fleming and Slater FFS.


Fleming?!..have mercy on us all


fleming even ruined hirdy’s podcast for one episode, got through about 10 minutes and switched it off.


As if this tour couldn’t get much worse, the Aussies find themselves staring down the barrel @ 5/101. Ali is tearing us a new one.


Billy really fizzing them down.


…and we lose the series to England 5-0. Scorecard looks like dumb batting, all out for 205 in less tban 35 overs. Had them 5-50 and still lost. Disgraceful


Have a look at Agar’s wicket, shouldered arms to one on off and middle.


Had them 8/118 and Rashid is an absolute rabbit. Our bowling is just pretty ordinary but to be expected as it’s pretty much our 3rd string attack.
If Paine wasn’t skipper he wouldn’t be getting a game he is that bad. Khawaja is peeling off ton after ton in English county cricket and must be ■■■■■■■ himself laughing watching Stoinis bat 3


That was a weird one, he must not of picked it at all.

Stanlake has so much potential. Tall, balls quick- pretty much the prototype Australian fast bowler


Billy will be a ripper.


Bring in Carey, surely?


He played the last two games as a batsman only.
So he’s already in. But obviously should keep and Paine replaced by a batsman.


what a mess this side is in


Whilst they are clearly trialling and tinkering with a few ideas in the lead up to the world cup; it is still a pretty p*** poor effort this tour.

Is Chris Lynn injured (again), or just not on tour?


Injured the last I had heard.


Pakistan 5/47 in their ODI against Australia in Zimbabwe. Stanlake 4/8


All out 116