Cricket Part II


0/30 in return.


Australia win by 9 wickets.
1/117 with 9.1 overs remaining.
Finch 68 no from 33



Finch going ballistic again, taking zimbabwe to the cleaners


Can someone tell why Nic Maddinson is playing? I thought we had moved on


Only reason I can think is that he has got no one else to play for. No state was willing to offer him a contract.


Fair innings this


Only a new south welshman can get picked for Australia without having a state contract in front of him


He’s got a 20/20 contract hasn’t he (sixers)? And this is a 20-20.
No way would I consider him for any other form of cricket though.


He has relocated to Melbourne and he has signed with the Stars. It is likely he will play 50 overs games with Victoria on match payments with the view of obtaining a contract.


He’s still a ■■■■ :wink:


Aus 0/220 after 18.4

Finch has gone past 167, a new world record


All time record is 175.

Short out, lost our first wicket, now 1/221


Chased a wide, tried to pull out but fell over and is out hit wicket. Finch out for 172.



What a way to go out




Zimmers 9/129 after 20


172 in a t20 by a single player is crazy

And it was his own record he broke!


Bat straight, bit of a gate, head leaning over slightly.
Other than that perfect technique.
Obviously the bowler just too good or just got lucky


Thats a pic of Agar bowled behind his legs.
Went the woosh, missed it and the momentum swung him around as it crashed into his stumps.